My Completely Irrelevant NCAA Tournament Picks

Since I couldn't get this post up earlier in the day, and the tournament has already gotten underway. . .here are my picks.  I've submitted the same bracket to every pool I'm in.  Teams I picked are in bold.

(Keep in mind, I'm terrible at this sort of thing. . .largely because I don't watch a hell of a lot of college basketball.)

First Round

(1) Florida vs. (16) Jackson State
(8) Arizona vs. (9) Purdue
(5) Butler vs. (12) Old Dominion
(4) Maryland vs. (13) Davidson

(6) Notre Dame vs. (11) Winthrop
(3) Oregon vs. (14) Miami-Ohio
(7) UNLV vs. (10) Georgia Tech
(2) Wisconsin vs. (15) Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

(1) Kansas vs. (16) Niagara
(8) Arizona vs. (9) Villanova
(5) Virginia Tech vs. (12) Illinois
(4) Southern Illinois vs. (13) Holy Cross

(6) Duke vs. (11) Virginia Commonwealth
(3) Pittsburgh vs. (14) Wright State
(7) Indiana vs. (10) Gonzaga
(2) UCLA vs. (15) Weber State

(1) North Carolina vs. (16) Eastern Kentucky
(8) Marquette vs. (9) Michigan State
(5) USC vs. (12) Arkansas
(4) Texas vs. (13) New Mexico State

(6) Vanderbilt vs. (11) George Washington
(3) Washington State vs. (14) Oral Roberts
(7) Boston College vs. (10) Texas Tech
(2) Georgetown vs. (15) Belmont

(1) Ohio State vs. (16) Central Connecticut State
(8) BYU vs. (9) Xavier
(5) Tennessee vs. (12) Long Beach State
(4) Virginia vs. (13) Albany

(6) Louisville vs. (11) Stanford
(3) Texas A&M vs. (14) Pennsylvania
(7) Nevada vs. (10) Creighton
(2) Memphis vs. (15) North Texas

Second Round


Florida vs. Arizona
Old Dominion vs. Davidson
Oregon vs. Winthrop
Wisconsin vs. UNLV


Kansas vs. Villanova
Southern Illinois vs. Virginia Tech
Pittsburgh vs. Virginia Commonwealth
UCLA vs. Gonzaga


North Carolina vs. Michigan State
Texas vs. USC
Vanderbilt vs. Oral Roberts
Georgetown vs. Texas Tech


Ohio State vs. BYU
Long Beach State vs. Albany
Texas A&M vs. Louisville
Memphis vs. Creighton

Sweet 16

Florida vs. Old Dominion
Oregon vs. UNLV

Kansas vs. Southern Illinois
UCLA vs. Pittsburgh

North Carolina vs. Texas
Georgetown vs. Vanderbilt

Ohio State vs. Albany
Memphis vs. Louisville

Elite 8

Florida vs. Oregon

Kansas vs. UCLA

Georgetown vs. Texas

Ohio State vs. Louisville

Final 4

Florida vs. Kansas

Ohio State vs. Texas

National Championship

Ohio State 71, Kansas 64

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