Blogger Deathsport: Week 6

Things are looking good so far for me in the Blogger Deathsport race.  After going 9-3-2 last week, I've moved up into third place in the overall standings, still trailing behind Will from Hogs Haven and River City Rage from Big Cat Country.  Even though my week was pretty impressive, Will managed to go 11-1-2 last week.  At this point, he's a full nine games or so ahead of me, but the season. . .it is still young.

So, as far as the Blogger Deathsport title. . .in the immortal words of Wayne Campbell. . .it will be mine.  Oh, yes. . .it will be mine.

So let's take a look at what we have in store for Week 6 of Blogger Deathsport!  Lines are supplied, as always, by the Blogger Deathsport head offices in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Carolina at Tampa Bay (-1.5)
--Gonzo's Take:  The Panthers are playing pretty good football right now, and the Bucs have some quarterback issues going on.  Carolina asserts themselves atop the NFC South with a road win here.

St. Louis at Washington (-13)
--Gonzo's Take:  Gotta take the big favorite in this one.  The Redskins are proving to be one of the league's better teams, and the Rams have been pretty atrocious.  Yes, the Rams have a new coach. . .but he was running the defense that's giving up eleventy billion points per game, so I don't see where it makes much difference.
Cincinnati at New York Jets (-6)
--Gonzo's Take: I guess we can assume that Brett Favre knows the Jets' offense now.  They get a victory this week while we continue to try to figure out when, exactly, the Cincinnati offense went to hell.
Oakland at New Orleans (-7.5)
--Gonzo's Take: I don't know if Oakland wins this one, but I certainly think they can stay within a touchdown of the Saints.  The Raiders might be a little more inspired now that they're being coached by The Cable Guy as well.  The Saints may win, but I think it's going to be close.
Miami at Houston (-3)
--Gonzo's Take:  The Dolphins are. . .not. . .awful?  Yes, I'm as surprised as you are, and as surprised as everyone else in the league.  I know Houston is a home this week and stuff, but come on. . .why are they favored here?  I do love Steve Slaton, however.
Chicago (-2.5) at Atlanta
--Gonzo's Take:  My heart wants to take the Falcons here.  My head says to take Chicago.  It would be nice if the Falcons could slow Chicago's momentum prior to our trip to Soldier Field next week, but I wouldn't anticipate it.
Detroit at Minnesota (-13)
--Gonzo's Take:  I hate, hate, hate taking the Vikings and this many points.  Maybe optimism is getting the best of me, but. . .damn. . .Sean from Pride of Detroit thinks this thing is going to be a Vikings' blowout.  What reason is there right now to think differently?
Baltimore at Indianapolis (-4)
--Gonzo's Take:  Can the Colts continue to get teams to collapse around them all season?  Their two victories this season came as a result of Minnesota and Houston falling apart.  This will be a closer game than what it looks like on paper, and the Ravens might even score the outright victory.
Jacksonville at Denver (-3.5)
--Gonzo's Take:  Might be the game of the day on Sunday, with Jacksonville's ground attack taking on Denver's passing game.  I tend to take the Broncos in "close call" type of games like this, largely because of the altitude factor, and I'll continue that here.
Philadelphia (-4.5) at San Francisco
--Gonzo's Take:  The NFC East has, thus far, lost one game to a team outside of its division.  The Niners are a nice story to this point, but I don't think they're going to be able to handle the Eagles.  Philly by a TD or so in this one.
Dallas (-5) at Arizona
--Gonzo's Take:  The Cowboys' pass defense has not played terribly well this season so far.  That's bad news for a matchup with the Cardinals, even if Arizona doesn't have the services of Anquan Boldin.  The Cowboys might win this one, but I think that the Cardinals can keep it close.
Green Bay at Seattle (-2)
--Gonzo's Take:  Puck the Fackers.  That is all.  Oh, and this is Mike Holmgren's last game against the Pack.  Think he wants to win?
New England at San Diego (-5.5)
--Gonzo's Take:  I'm still not terribly impressed by the Brady-less Patriots.  Maybe I'm supposed to be, I don't know. . .but I'm not.  I'll take the Chargers by a touchdown.

New York Giants (-8) at Cleveland
--Gonzo's Take:  Very simple analysis.  The Giants are the best team in the NFL right now, and the Browns are awful and overrated, but mostly awful.  For tie-breaker purposes, we'll go with a final score of Giants 38, Browns 13, and a quarterback change in the wings for Cleveland.
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