Let the Trash Talk from the Chicago Press Begin....

Voice of the Vikings Radio Network and KFAN Host Paul Allen had a link on his show page at to this artice in the Chicago Tribune by Steve Rosenbloom..Read and Laugh

The HAL 10,001 cannot simulate luck: For Bears, good; for Vikings, bad.

It's Friday, and I have all the answers ...

If the Bears and Texans played Sunday's game 10,001 times, the Texas would win 20-18, on average. At least, that's the way the computer simulations at have it.

Here's the box score, but way down at the bottom, you'll find Robbie Gould missing one of two field goals.

In this kind of game? Are you kidding me? Robbie Gould miss?

See, that's the problem with just crunching numbers: They don't factor in the luck that is one of the Bears' four major food groups this month.

One thing that numbers can do, however, is show the Cubs-like choking ability of the Vikings franchise. Brad Childress is 1-6 in games played Dec. 17 or later. Talk about the perfect Vikings coach. If only the Bears could worry about just showing up in Houston, then the Vikings would do the rest for them. Beat the Giants? In December? Look, the Vikings couldn't beat the lowly Cardinals on the last play of the game to miss the playoffs after starting 6-0 in 2003. And that's just one of many chokes on this list. 'Course, the Bears tried the "just show up" thing in Green Bay, and how'd that work out for everybody?

The Giants say they'll play their starters -- at least, those who have a note from the doctor. The Vikings' strategy, of course, is to pray for the Giants to treat it like an exhibition game. Said Vikings safety Darren Sharper: "I want to line up with the practice squad players and maybe the third-teamers, if they have any third-teamers. But it is easier to ask for than to have it done."

The Bears took Rashied Davis out of the starting lineup, hoping to find more guys who can't get open. Marty Booker got open, and promptly dropped a pass that hit him in the chest.

Bears receivers keep getting worse, yet the Bears keep winning games, and I'm thinking, any opponent that knows how awful the Bears' receivers are and continues to put their linebackers instead of their cornerbacks on the tight ends deserves to get beat.

If it's true that Bears coach Lovie Smith has been giving more specialized coaching to Danieal Manning, who has been making plays all over the field, then do we add yet another count on the indictment of Bob Babich's shortcomings, or are we just more numb to it by now? I'll hang up and listen for my ayn-serrr.

I have three in the John St. Clair False Starts Against Mario Williams Pool.

You just know the Vikings are going to lose. I can't stress that enough. It is what the Vikings do. Question is, can the Bears get and hold a lead -- emphasis on the "and hold" part -- before it gets dire?

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