Week 1 In the Books for the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League

Yes, with the end of the first week of the NFL season comes the end of the first week of fantasy football.  I'm going to make an effort to keep everyone up to speed with the happenings of the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League.

As it sits now, each division currently has two 1-0 teams and two 0-1 teams.  I'm going to start off by patting myself on the back here, as my Space Monkey Mafia got off to a fast start, knocking off the defending league champions, chadly0102's Packers Suck.  chadly got solid performances from Eli Manning, Marshawn Lynch, and Thomas Jones, among others. . .but my team managed to rid Donovan McNabb's big day to victory, as he was complimented by Marion Barber III.

In Division I's other game. . .and, yes, I'm going to see about editing the division names here shortly. . .speedlod's whodat locked up with FSUViking's Garnet and Gold squad.  Looking at the standings, whodat was the 10th highest scoring team of the opening week. . .but, fortunately for him, the Garnet and Gold was the 11th highest, giving speedlod's squad a 54-46.85 victory.  The Space Monkey Mafia and whodat will lock up next weekend in a battle for early Division I supremacy, while Packers Suck and Garnet and Gold will lock up as well.

Moving on to Division II, UBB's Bombers went up against the Hamburglars, led by cruton647.  There would be no robble rousing by the Hamburglars this week, as the Bombers scored a decisive victory over the Hamburglars, 95.9 to 46.8.  The Hamburglars got very little production from their RB crew of Joseph Addai and Willis McGahee, and unfortunately left Reggie Bush and Hines Ward on the bench.

The other Division II matchup saw Robert Rence's Rabble Rousers. . .try saying THAT five times fast. . .going up against Dani's Purple Team, captained by VikingEric64.  While not as convincing a victory as the other Division II matchup, the Rabble Rousers still managed a comfortable victory, winning by a tally of 80.6 to 64.3.  The Purple Team also suffered from a slight case of the "D'oh!" as they had fast Willie Parker sitting on their bench. . .getting nothing from his 3 TD performance against Houston.  The Purple Team also has the unenviable task of attempting to find a replacement for Tom Brady, who was the 5th overall pick in the league's fantasy draft.

Next week, Division II will have a similar situation to Division I, as both of their winners will go head-to-head as the Bombers take on the Rabble Rousers.  Dani's Purple Team will match up against the Hamburglars in a battle to avoid going to 0-2.

Division III gave us the highest scoring team of the week, the PMak Attack.  Behind blistering performances from Michael Turner and Drew Brees, the Attack put a whupping on Gonzo's Friend's Team. . .an ironic name, since I'm not sure who Gonzo2 is. . .by the final score of 124.05 to 55.65.  The Attack even had Chicago's Matt Forte on their bench, and he was only the team's third-highest scoring RB this past week.  Sounds like a pretty decent little roster to me.

Division III's other matchup gave us the matchup of the Angry Dragons against dvikings1.  The Dragons well and truly unleashed their anger in Week 1, getting the victory by the final score of 91.9 to 69.35.  dvikings1's Chris Johnson was the highest-scoring player on either bench, but his presence in the lineup wouldn't have been enough for his team to emerge victorious.

Next week, Division III could potentially have two 2-0 teams and two 0-2 teams. . .or four 1-1 teams. . .as the Angry Dragons will take on Gonzo's Friend's Team, while the PMak Attack will go up against dvikings1.

And there's your update, ladies and gentlemen. . .looks like it's going to be a very interesting season, to say the least!

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