Clock Management, PLEASE???

Allow me to start with a quick disclaimer:  As cynical Vikes fans go, I consider myself far from a severe case.  There are plenty of positive take aways from yesterday (especially Sidney!!!), far outweighing any player or COACHING transgressions.  That said, I must raise a very pointed clock management issue.  Please weigh in on this with any opinions and insight..

Immediately after Ray Rice runs for 3 yds on 2nd down, I recall having to do everything in my power not to start breaking and/or throwing the more expendable items in my house.  I was furious.

How does Childress NOT call a timeout there!!!!???  (for the obvious reason of saving time for a go-ahead field goal opportunity of our own)  How long have we dealt with clock mgt-afflicted coaches in Minnesota??  (Dennis Green, Tice, Burns, etc.)

Here is the game situation as I recall it:

RAVENS' Ball, 3rd and 7 on Min 26 with ~0:24 remaining (clock running)

It doesn't take a genius to quickly calculate the EXTREMELY likely outcomes, as well as the severe longshots:

- No play run, bleed clock, Spike and kick

- Clock stoppage or running clock 3rd down..  (likely a run and not a stoppage)  Easy semi-rushed kick with 00:17+ remaining..

- Hoping for a SACK!!???  That's a pipe-dream to me at this point in the game.  Would the Ravens EVER call a drop-back pass in this situation?  This is the 26, and not the 35+.

- Time somehow elapsing to 00:00??  Another pipe-dream at :24 left.

- 1st Down??  The game is OVER anyway, with the ball being on the 19 or closer. (the ball easily clockable, spiked)

-- Bottom line..  To me, the logic that a timeout could hurt by helping the Ravens, is futile and flawed.  Especially given the fact that it was THIRD DOWN!!  You could play out that scenario 20+ times in the NFL, and the team with the ball would get a kick off every time.


Chilly ran and hid in this crucial moment.  He literally stuck his head in the sand and pissed his pants.


I merely hope everyone realizes the full accountability that should be tied to him on decisions like this one (regardless, many times, of the actual game outcome).  We need a coach we can count on in truly big games.  Anyone recall the clock mgt in the '98 Championship?  I recall plenty of Denny Green's actions being swept under the rug by many while the winning 'deodorant' still lingered.  If Chilly is put in this situation in the playoffs, I sincerely hope he sides with giving his team a chance to go down swinging, not praying.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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