That was TRIPPING, from a steelers fan.  respectfully.

I took the time to post this because of a simliar post by you guys on our forum.  hope it clarifies issues and what I consider a bad officiating day for BOTH sides.

I've read Peter Kings commentary.  that guy gets almost everything wrong.  And rodney harrison is a dirty player.  And yes that is tripping.  tripping is defined as INTENTIONAL attempt to bring a defensive or offensive player to the ground by getting underneath his knees during a pass play(who does not have the ball or the ball is not yet in play).  At the time it happened, the football had not been released.  So yes, this is tripping.  I dont care what harrison(cheap player) Goose(cheap player) king thing.  I'm surprised Dungy didnt know more.  Anyway, even if you disagree, that wasnt the only thing that went AGAINST the steelers.  

I'm getting annoyed by all the unnecessary whining that the steelers got favorable officiating.  check after the jump.

Oh, and I was at the game..AWESOME


First, heath Miller had INCIDENTAL CONTACT.  and yes, the route of the DB was thrown off as he did fall down.  However, this was PRIOR TO THE TOUCHDOWN PASS.  And the official rulebook states:

Actions that do not constitute offensive pass interference include but are not limited to:

(a) Incidental contact by a receiver’s hands, arms, or body when both players are competing for the ball (this did not happen as neither heath miller nor the db were near the ball) or neither player is looking for the ball.

(b) Inadvertent touching of feet when both players are playing the ball or neither player is playing the ball(neither were playing the ball).

(c) Contact that would normally be considered pass interference, but the ball is clearly uncatchable by involved players. -even though the DB FALLS DOWN...HE WAS NOT CAPABLE OF GOING NEAR HOLMES AS AT THAT POINT HOLMES WAS OFF COVERAGE.   the db was not involved in Holmes pursuit!

Note 1: If there is any question whether player contact is incidental, the ruling should be no interference.


Ok, now to the second issue, TRIPPING.... The definition of tripping is if a offensive player attempts to trip a defensive player ON PURPOSE.  I was at the game, but I kept hearing afterwards how Goose was against the call.  let me first off say that dude was one of the cheapest players on the defensive side.  no wonder he sided with the vikings.  Anyway...lets see here, yes the tight end did actually INTEND TO GO DOWN.  It looks like it was an accident, as if he fell.  you watch carefully and you can see his intent was to trip him over.  that is not allowed.  just because you dont have your foot out(ahem dallas cowboys) doesnt mean its not tripping.  That CERTAINLY IS CONSIDERED.

now, contact.  there was NO contact.  but that is STILL TRIPPING.  the INTENT to trip someone constitutes as TRIPPING.


And finally, Kick return.  watch carefully for the hold.  there was considerable holding during the wedge formation(which is apparantly legal as long as its only 2 players) and there was an obvious block in the back.  neither of which were called. 


so in the end, this goes both ways.

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