The Beginning of the End

Some people believe the runestone in Kensington, Minnesota is fake.   Or perhaps the stone's author knew more about writing in runes than some ivory tower folks who are centuries removed from it being commonplace. 

In the future, perhaps people will wonder if the NFL Vikings ever visited Minnesota as well.   Just reflect on the original Vikings.  Look around the state and you may notice some Nordic-descended residents, but if the real Vikings ever came to what is now Minnesota in the olden days, they did not remain there, unless perhaps they have intermarried with the prior residents and perhaps are now working at a casino somewhere.  Maybe some casino will save the NFL team, but I really doubt it at this stage.

The point is that once the current NFL Vikings are gone, they won't be back.    If you think the other NFL owners are eager to extend charity to the north star state because they have some flag written in French, please clean your glasses, get the wax out of your ears, and listen to Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones.   If Minnesota fumbles, the refs will not overrule it on a replay.

NFL football will not return, so just get ready for arena football.   Maybe they'll take the arena team's colors from some other high school team and you will be happy.   Maybe you'll really enjoy not hearing about the Minnesota Vikings on ESPN any more.    

Whatever happens, my take is that this is the begining of the end.  What the stadium commission just did is throw the first punch, and the heated part of the fight is on.  

Zygi Wilf and company own the Vikings, not Minnesota.   So if they get disgusted enough to lateral the football to billionaire Ed Roski out in Los Angeles, Ed is never going to let go.   He's recently finished building his new digs for the Lakers, and he's got the Guvernator clearing the path for his coming football stadium outside LA.

Here's an article from about the commission's offer:     

Eric is a good Nordic name.  I think he sizes things up in Minnesota rather well in his article.

I don't know Zygi Wilf that much, but I did shake his hand once after hearing him speak at a chamber of commerce meeting.   I believe he had good intentions in coming to Minnesota, certainly a lot better than those intentions of the ancient Viking explorers, but the thing I remember most was the fire in his eyes when he said he was not one to let other NFL owners push him around.   That was back when they had grabbed Hutch from Seattle.   I'm certain the actions the stadium commission just took made him want to get mad as hell.   But as the Kennedy's always said, don't get mad, get even... 

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