Another Reason why our stadium drive is Getting Little Support!

I've copied comments from different Minnesotans from around the web on the Vikings stadium!  Please don't shout at the computer it's not your computers fault!

Well hell after reading this bull twice, you can do whatever you like!


Call for the PITCHFORKS!

United FootballLeague

Saint Paul, MN

Yes there are alternatives to the NFL! I just watched a great game Thursday night and the UFL will develop into a legitimate football league! What ever happens just happens, and the Vikings doesn't effect me much anywho!



Saint Paul, MN

Football owners have money, and get into the game to make more money. Why give them a hand out? If they want a stadium, let them build one themselves.


Saint Paul, MN

I have to pay more taxes so Ziggy can make more millions? No thanks.

Dam Demthuglicrat

Burnsville, MN

Want a new stadium? Pay for it yourselves, leave the rest of us out of it.


Dam Demthuglicrat(AGAIN)

Burnsville, MN

No need. We got along just fine before the 'Queens came here and we'll do even better when they leave because we won't be another $100 billion plus in debt building a stadium to help a billionaire get even richer.


Dam Demthuglicrat(AND AGAIN)

Burnsville, MN

We're not helping them finance it. We'll pay for it just like we did the Metrodome (via a tax we're still and always will be paying) and are for the Twins stadium and the new Gopher stadium. Any paltry amount Wilf might contribute he'll get right back as a tax write off. Oh, and if Coleman over in St. Paul gets his way, we'll be paying for a new Saints stadium too. How many other states have built 4 new stadium within the span of a few years? You stadium homers just don't know when to stop.



Saint Paul, MN

Don't read more into that than there was. I am not a fan
of the stadium nor do I want it built. I simply challenge
Mindy Grieling telling ANYONE what they can or cannot debate
when it comes to public policy. And I'm pretty sure she was
on board with the billions we spend on light rail. Leave
the rest of us out of that, too.

Just stop the spending!!




Litchfield, MN

It's amazing how the wealthy are the biggest whiners and want to blackmail the state into giving them a new playground while they run off with all the money. Where are you free enterprise righties, no government involvement. Oh yeah, when you get free stadiums, tax breaks, and can legally bribe politicians (free speech?), you have no problem with government involvement. Wake up people, these morons haven't been paying rent for 10 years and they talk like no one in this state is suffering but only them. It's really pathetic the Vikings "outrage". Get a real life. We can still follow the Vikings where ever they go. I had no problem while I was serving my country.





Perham, MN

If you're on a newspaper sight COMPLAINING about football in Minnesota and COMPLAINING about a stadium being built in Minnesota, then I think you have to rank right up there with dog crap.

If you don't care, why the heck are you reading sports pages about the Vikings and taking the time to post about how precious your damn money is to you and how you do don't want to pay taxes. I don't hunt but I support the DNR. I don't care about the fine arts but my tax dollars go the the Guthrie theater. Face it, we all pay taxes for things that make our quality of life better, even if we don't benefit from it. To say all these negative things truly shows your true IQ. The new stadium wouldn't be a tax like a school referendum, you dillweeds! If you don't want to pay a hotel tax of $5 when you stay in Minneapolis, stay out in Eden Prairie and spend the $5 to drive your idiotic automobile into the city. Boy people are stupid.



“SPAL; sports pal”

I'd like Powers, Sansevere and Walters to explain why they freely villainize Childress but let an incompetent manager like Roy Terwilliger screw with the Vikings.

Why is Terwilliger and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission untouchable?

If Minnesota can't make a decision to build a Vikings stadium during 2009 then sign ownership of the dome over to the Minnesota Vikings.



Well obviously it's not only the legislature that is BIT**ing about spending money, it's people who currently live in Minnesota as well.  This is plain out ridiculous and wrong. 


WELL if you can, try your hardest to push for a new stadium or else.  What you mean or else? Well or else we want be cheering on the Beloved Minnesota Vikings after the stadium lease is over and done!




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