NFL Standings Update and predictions

Just thought I'd take the time to get everyone caught up on the Division Races around the NFL

I'll start in the NFC


Dallas     7-3

NY Giants     6-4

Philadelphia      6-4

Washington     3-7

My prediction: In a division that is completely up for grabs, I think Philadelphia will take this division, with Dallas and New York beginning to struggle, and Washington being well...bad, Philly seems like the safe bet



New Orleans     10-0

Atlanta     5-5

Carolina     4-6

Tampa Bay     1-9

My prediction: In the past couple of weeks, New Orleans has begun to look human, if Atlanta can get on a roll, they may just make it a race, but I still think New Orleans pulls this one out



Minnesota     9-1

Green Bay     6-4

Chicago     4-6

Detroit     2-8

My prediction: (WARNING: my contain bias) With an essential 4-game lead over Green Bay, the Vikings seem to have this division well in hand, with Chicago and Detroit almost gone, this is (somewhat) of a two-team race, Chicago needs to get hot fast, and beat Minnesota twice to have a chance.  Minnesota takes it



Arizona     7-3

San Fransisco     4-6

Seattle     3-7

St. Louis     1-9

My prediction: Wow, what a division this is.  Not much can really be said.  Arizona has played extremely well on the road, which which will be enough to get them another NFC West title


And now on to the AFC


New England     7-3

Miami     5-5

NY Jets     4-6

Buffalo     3-7

My prediction: New England has established themselves as the clear front-runner in what looked like what was going to be a hotly contested division.  With Miami's inconsistency and New York fading fast,  New England has all but won this division.  New England


Indianapolis     10-0

Jacksonville     6-4

Houston     5-4

Tennessee     3-6

My prediction: Indy.  the only two things surprising about this division, is that Tennessee has been so bad this year, and that Jacksonville may be looking at a wildcard berth


Cincinnati     7-3

Pittsburgh     6-4

Baltimore     5-5

Cleveland     1-9

My prediction: After Cincy swept Pittsburgh, I was ready to give them the division, but after that game against Oakland....I just don't know what to think anymore.  I'm going to predict that Baltimore rights their ship, and steals the division from Pittsburgh and Cincy


Chargers     7-3

Broncos     6-4

Kansas City     3-7

Oakland     3-7

My prediction: After a 6-0 start, the Broncos definitely looked like the team to beat, not only in the West, but the AFC, but after 4 straight L's from Denver, and hard-charge (no pun intended) by San Diego, the Chargers are a strong finish away from an AFC West crown, which I think they do


Anyway that's a quick look around the NFL for you.  It's sure to be an interesting season, an exciting post-season, and a memorable Super Bowl


and by the way,

SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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