Go to the water(A Holiday Post)

On my b-day I got the latest Trans Siberian Orchestra CD called Night Castle and that is what prompted me to do this post.

Every TSO CD has a theme story which all the music is based on.

I began reading Night Castle ,and have yet to finish ,because a certain part of the story for some reason

gave me pause to think of the brave men and women serving our country overseas and anyone not able

to be with they're loved ones during the holidays.

       In the story a young girl notices a man building an elaborate sand castle one evening on a beach

along the Pacific and he invites her to help.

As they work together she asks if he is from the area and he says no he's from quite far away but comes

to the ocean as often as he can.    She asked him why?

He told her he wanted to visit every place on earth which is impossible of course.

But a friend had told him that when you touch the ocean you touch the entire world.

He then put some water in the palm of her hand and said imagine how many drops are in that one handful

of water?  The young girl is now hanging on his every word and he tells her that one drop was once

in the baltic sea and this one from the sea of Japan.

This is where I came to think about our troops and those who cannot be with they're loved ones at the holidays.

Now, this is after all a Vikings blog so to Vikingsfanfromafar and  anyone else who is or cares to be

in the fellowship of the purple Kool-aid, go to the water and find that one drop. you will know the one as

it will have a purple tint.

From that one single drop may you find the love and support of family and friends to fill the void

that comes from being away and homesick and may you find the strength to go forward with all

the awsomeness of the four norsemen as we continue the never ending search for peace on earth

and goodwill towards men.

           It seems both ironic and very much like destiny that purple is widely thought of as the color of the advent.

That having been said, may this be the advent of a new dynasty, a purple dynasty!

Happy Holidays to all!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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