Drop The Ego Chilly!

A lot has been commented on here about how great a coach Brad Childress is because of the great drafting and free agent acquisitions made by the Vikings during his tenure...

I will give him his due credit for his contribution, but Chilldress is only part of the equation on drafting and acquiring players. While his input is probably worth say 30% (strictly a rube estimate) towards these decisions, he is 100% head coach...

Although he has improved as a head coach as witnessed by better special teams play, he is a far cry from a great coach... The lack of intensity on this team of late is especially troubling to me... still far too many procedure penalties, and in-game adjustments (especially on offense) are pitiful if non-existent... All signs in my opinion of a lack of coaching ability and leadership...

I wonder if anyone thought it was "funny" or "amusing" when Mike Ditka, Bill Cowher or John Gruden ripped the team a new one at halftime?... nothing against Brad Childress personally, i'm sure he's a nice guy, but i think he has a delusional view of his abilities as a head coach in the NFL...

I have read that Brett Favre is not included in game planning meetings or even asked much for his input... To me, this is just plain dumb! First off you have a smart, savvy veteran who understands the offense... By including him in game planning you would be stroking Brett's ego and getting an invaluable perspective from the guy that is actually running the offense on the field!

Is Chilldress a chimp driving a Ferrari?

It's just a shame to get so pumped up for a game after having to wait a week for it... expend a lot of energy cheering for the Cowboys (gag) to beat the Saints... only to watch MY team play like they all have a turd in their pants when they could (and should) have come out like men going into battle with their boats burning behind them!

This is OUR team Chilly... We have been here all along and will be here long after you leave... if you want to be a great coach, LEAD!....don't be the clueless boss everybody snickers about by the water cooler after you leave the lunch room...

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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