Hey folks, sorry I've been away for a while. Real life's been busy, and I had to do some comp maintenance, which caused me to lose my password to this site, which caused...

You don't actually care, do you?

Alright, so just a few comments on the NFL dealings as of late:

The Williams Wall is set for trial in June. Which means it'll wrap up around the end of training camp. I still see the case as that yes, while the Williams' did break the NFL code of conduct, the NFL has an obligation to the health of it's players to disclose it's knowledge of harmful suppliments. So while it's likely that they'll end up suspended, hopefully the NFL will change it's policy. Also, some other players are affected, but I care significantly less about them.

Two NFL players are currently lost at sea and things are looking grim. Hopefully they show up soon along with the other two people on the boat.

Houshetc... is currently spending the night in the cities, and he'll have his decision tomorrow. Hopefully he's happy wherever he ends up. More hopefully, he'll be wearing purple and gold next year. C'mon Zygi!

The Patriots dealt Vrabel and Cassel to the Kansas City chiefs for a 2nd round draft pick.. After franchising Cassel ( which would require TWO first round draft picks in order to steal from the Pats) and after the Broncos supposedly offered a 1st round pick for him. Additionally, as of note, former members of the Pats organization are also now in the KC and Denver organizations at the GM level and Head coach level respectively. What does this cause?

1) People wondering about a lot of backroom deals.

2)  KC and Denver hate each other more.

3) Denver's QB is demanding a trade.

And, hey, will ya look at that? The Pats play the Broncos this year. Funny that they wouldn't want to give them their quarterback, now, isn't it.

Bill Belichek(sp?) is pretty damn crafty. And I'm sure that if he could find a way to cause a team he would play later in the year undue amounts of stress that would primarily be directed at another team, he'd do it in a second.

that covers about all the areas that I think needed mentioning. I wish we'd gotten Garcia instead of Rosencrants, but hey, you work with what you got. Hopefully Childress will give him an actual chance to win the starting job instead of handing it to Jackson. Again.

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