I Hope You Like Rain, Housh-bag.

Thanks a lot T.J.

We Vikings fans are very, very, very well-versed in getting our hopes up only to have them crushed. Today appears to be the 14,834th chapter in the Book of Vikings Letdowns. (Note: number of actual letdowns approximated)

If you're to believe the sources cited by Deadspin, then the most coveted wide receiver of the 2009 NFL free agency period is off to sip Starbucks and listen to grunge in the Great Northwest.

Here's the National Football Post story...I'm quoting it here because people are having problems loading the link due to all the hits it's receiving:

Barring any last-second problems, free agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh will sign a multi-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks, according to sources close to the situation.

According to the source, the Seahawks have offered close to $2 million more than the closest competitor in the race for Houshmandzadeh’s services.

An eight-year veteran out of Oregon State, Houshmandzadeh caught 92 passes for 904 yards and 4 touchdowns in 15 starts for the Bengals last season.

In addition to the Seahawks, the Vikings and Bengals were pursing Houshmandzadeh.

The contract is expected to be signed within the hour.

We really shouldn't be surprised if Houshmandzadeh took the money and ran--he's a professional athlete in 2009. It would be a bigger story if he didn't go to the team that offered him $2 million dollars more than the Vikings or Bengals. But of course like I've done plenty of times before, I thought that maybe just once, going to the team with the best chance to win would actually factor into an athlete's decision.

This isn't going to be that "just once". So have fun in Seattle T.J.--at least it isn't the trainwreck you've endured in Cincinnati your entire career thus far. I hope those extra $2 million make it worth spending the remainder of your prime on what will most likely be a rebuilding project.* And thanks for reminding us Vikings fans why we're so cynical.


* = After all the injuries that Seattle endured last season, it's totally possible that they won't suck next year if they stay healthy. Plus, even though the Cardinals are the defending NFC champions, another 9-7 team winning the NFC West next year wouldn't shock anyone.

** = If these reports are false and Housh does come to Minnesota, this article never happened. Deal? Good.

UPDATE: ESPN is confirming it, so it's official. Five years for about $40 million, $15 million guaranteed. Devery Henderson anyone?? We'll keep you updated here as we get more.

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