Why Won't the Vikes Draft a WR in Round 1?

I have read where Childress doesn't like to take WRs in the first round. He feels it's far too risky and the value is much better for WRs in later rounds as they don't often contribute as rookies anway. Andy Reid is from the same school of thought as well. Even with all the Eagles WR woes Reid only selected one WR in the first round. Freddie "X" Mitchell --- and that was a mistake because he was a head-case. He drafted 11 WRs in 10 years.

Bottom line -  In their opinion WRs are overvalued to begin with, they don't like prima-dona WRs because of past experiences and they believe getting quality talent can be attained in later rounds.

Childress isn't likely to pick a WR in round one.



There is this...

Investing a high draft pick in a wide receiver can be risky because it often takes time for receivers' skills to translate to the NFL. Only two first-year wideouts caught more than 60 passes last season, the first time more than one rookie crossed that threshold since 2003.

The physicality of the NFL can be too much for rookie receivers to overcome, said Vikings head coach Brad Childress. "Whether it's the holding, the grabbing – the things that maybe you don't see in college football," he said. "And then all the route conversions compiled with that physical nature that's happening to you. It's very hard to get past that as a rookie."



and this...

-- During Andy Reid's 8-plus seasons as the Eagles' head coach, his team has sent as many wide receivers to the Pro Bowl as it has long-snappers.

That number is one, and that wideout is, of course, Terrell Owens, whose stay in Philadelphia turned out to be short and anything but sweet.

Eagles fans generally attribute the fact that a pass-happy coach such as Reid has spent most of his Eagles tenure without a legitimate marquee wideout to two things: cheapness and bad drafting.

The first doesn't really hold water. The Eagles' payroll regularly ranks in the top half of the NFL. While they don't approach free agency with the same miracle-cure fervor as Redskins owner Dan Snyder, they have made some significant free-agency investments during the Reid era, including the six-year, $32 million deal to wide receiver Kevin Curtis in March.

The second is truer than the first. The Eagles have drafted 10 wide receivers since Reid arrived in 1999. Only Todd Pinkston (second round, 2000) and Reggie Brown (second round, '05) developed into starters.

More revealing is the fact only one of those 10 picks was a first-rounder -- Freddie Mitchell (2001), who will be remembered as a one-catch (fourth-and-26) wonder and a guy who didn't know when to shut his yap.

The bottom line is that Reid never has believed that you need an elite wideout to succeed. The straw that stirs the drink is the quarterback. Give him a set of competent, sure-handed receivers who know how to run precise routes and the world can be his oyster. Feel free to disagree with his spread-the-ball-around logic, but it's what Reid believes.

Reid was an assistant coach on the '96 Green Bay Packers team that beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. Packers quarterback Brett Favre threw a career-high 39 touchdown passes that season to 10 receivers. No receiver caught more than 56 passes. Six caught at least 30 passes, and eight had at least 20.

You might call that boring. Reid calls it symmetry. Spread-the-ball-around football at its very finest. Divas? Divas? We don't need no stinkin' divas.

"The more you can spread it around, the better this offense is," Reid has said about 15,000 times since he arrived. The only thing he likes better than cheeseburgers is a game in which quarterback Donovan McNabb completes passes to eight receivers.

"The way it's been set up here, we don't want to be doing a lot of maintenance," then-offensive coordinator Brad Childress said in '03. "The culture that's been set up here is guys kind of get in line and take care of their business and don't gripe or complain about not seeing the football. They know how we're set up.

"Hey, I love guys that want the football. In the end, you want guys who want it in their hands every time. You worry about them if they don't feel that way. But also, we're playing to the team here. We have very little time to worry about guys who are more worried about their agenda than the team's agenda."



and this...



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