Less than great press

Although NBC Sports awarded our Vikings an A-, many other recent articles and features have not held Percy Harvin or the 2009 draft class in general, in high esteem.

Where would Percy Harvin rank among the top 10 impact rookies of 2009?  This slide show says 11th or lower.

What about the top 10 rookie busts?  Percy Harvin ranks among them.  Not even so much about his drug use or character so much as being a Florida product.

Tom Curran called 2009 a lame draft just by the fact that one team traded out of the top 10.  Rumors had been swirling for months that other teams were considering trading out, also.

That seems harsh, but it's difficult to argue with his point considering the drama 10 years ago when Mike Ditka, then the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, traded his entire draft to Washington so that he could move up 2 slots to select Ricky Williams just after the Colts picked Edgerrin James.  Both moves were considered laughable by some at different times.  Williams had enjoyed an amazing season and seemed to be the very best college running back ever by some accounts, and the hapless (dolts) Colts had selected Edgerrin James instead.  James immediately became a perennial dual-threat out of the backfield on one of the great offenses of our time while Ricky was being traded to the Dolphins and/or retiring to smoke weed on a beach.  The Redskins used the7th overall selection to draft Champ Bailey after Torry Holt had gone to St. Louis.  Drafts like that one had too many playmakers to trade out of the top 10, and pundits could call a move like drafting Edgerrin James silly for drafting the wrong playmaker.

The following year, San Diego rebuilt overnight by trading the rights to the #1 pick to Atlanta so that they could take Michael Vick and stick the Martybolts with LaDainian Tomlinson with the 5th overall pick (and a short QB named Drew Brees with the 1st pick of round 2).

The last time 2 QBs were selected in the top 5, Eli Manning didn't want to be the #1 pick nor play on the same team as LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates.  He was traded to the Giants for Philip Rivers and a 2005 first rounder.  The Browns swapped picks with the Lions so that they could select Kellen Winslow II and Roy Williams 6th and 7th, respectively.  No teams traded out of the top 10, however.  Larry Fitzgerald and Sean Taylor were also drafted in the top 5.  There were certainly some playmakers available that year, too.

I have to disagree with him about the 1988 draft, though.  Neil Smith went to 6 Pro Bowls.  Bennie Blades was a tough Pro Bowl DB and started for many years.  Paul Gruber was a starter for 12 years.  It gets better in the top 10 with future HoFer Tim Brown and multi-Pro Bowler Sterling Sharpe 6th and 7th overall, plus five-time Pro Bowl DB Terry McDaniel.  11th?  HoFer Michael Irvin.  The 4th WR taken that year was Anthony Miller, who wasn't as spectacular as Brown, Sharpe, or Irvin, but went to play in 5 Pro Bowls in his 10 seasons as a starter.

For the record, I really wanted Darius Butler, but I'm almost as happy to have Percy Harvin on the team instead.  He doesn't need to be spectacular to be worthwhile (but he does need to stay in the league).


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