What if the vikings were OCEANS 11


G'day fellow vikings fans

Ive seen this done a number of times for Australian sporting teams so i thought it would be fun to apply this to the Vikings.


So what  would it be like if the Vikings were in Oceans 11


Danny Ocean = Adrian Peterson

This choice was relativly easy, both the undisputed leaders of their teams and if something is going badly for one of these guys, in general all those around them will suffer (ala  vs Detroit).


Rusty Ryan= Steve Hutchinson


Yes this may supirse some people but really it makes some good Aussie sense. For example in the movies Rusty holds the team togehter and gets all of Danny Oceans plans into gear. So how does this relate to hutch, well it's quite simple he is the main man on the vikings o line which springs AD free and keeps the Offense dirving.


Linus Caldwell= Chad Greenway


When you look at Linus you see a kid who loves what he does and wants to do anything humanly possible to help those around him and get the job done. Now who on the vikings team follows that idea, well it has to be Greenway, he's young loves what he does and will do anything to help the team win.


Turk Malloy= Jared Allen


All i should and am going to say is just check out the BEARDS. ( oh and their both crazy badasses)


Virgil Malloy= Kevin Willaims


Now I know this might be considerd a bit of a reach but follow my logic for a minute.

In the movie Virgil and Turk Malloy make the ultimate con team and have a hell of alot of fun in the process. Now does this not sound like Kevin and Jared creating the ultimate duo for wrecking havoc on opponents QBs, I damn well think so.


Basher Tarr = Bernard Berrian


Basher is the cheif of explosives and what other player could that be Besides BB (well probappbly Ap and JA but lets not get greedy and give them two roles) AVG around 20 yards a reception lsat year and a punt return for a TD. BB was indeed one explosive player.


Reuben Tishkoff = Ziggy Wilf

What more needs to said other than $$$$$$

Both pay the bills and don't we love them for that (just get a new stadium when i come out from Australia i wanna see football in the twin cities damnt. not the sprawl of LA)


Frank Catton = Pat Williams


Big physical and intimadating and could sacre any sane person to do whatever they wanted (really would you mess with either of them)


Saul Bloom = Ben Leber


Quitely go about their buisness while rarley making mistakes or endagering the team. Respected havily buy their teammates.

Livingston Dell = EJ Henderson


Yes very funny, but lets look beyond the obvius physical differances, Livingston is the technician of the team, and much could be said about EJ although he is an absolute bear (no pun intended) he plays MLB and really is the technician of the defense. ( and no disrespect EJ i love your style)


Yen = Antoine Winfield


Who said size was a porblem, both are asblosutly essential parts to their teams becasue of their size and who would want it any other way.


Tess Ocean = Percy Harvin


Who know's what the coamparison whould be here, but lets just say they both have the pootential to add a new dimension to their teams.


Terry Benedict = Brad Childress


The easist choice by far, Terry is a pain in the ass who just gets in the way of Danny Ocean, Now doesnt that sound like a certain coach whose team wins in spite of him rather than becasue of him.


Now thats my list

Feel free to reject who i placed and name any changes you would have made or who i unfairly left out

Skol vikings from Australia.

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