Politics and Favre

In all honesty, those two words shouldn't go together. At all. But this is an angle I feel it is important to highlight in it's own post.

Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty had this to say (courtesy of the Associated Press):

"He says it would be "a wonderful little salt to rub in the eyes of some of our Green Bay Packer friends."

Pawlenty laid out the scene: "Can you imagine Brett Favre going into Lambeau Field in Viking purple and maybe even wearing No. 4? There would be audible gasps. There would be 60,000 audible gasps as he came out of the tunnel."

Now, ever since Zygi has come to own the Vikings, he has had two priorities:

1) Spend the money necessary to improve all facets of the Vikings organization. Winter Park went from being a step above the Y to a top of the line center. The coaching staff swelled from bare-bones over-stretched also-rans to well-compensated specialist... also-rans (Zing! Eat it Childress!)

2) Get a new stadium, complete with a large real-estate park nearby. While publically, this one shows up once every few months, this is certainly the most important to Zygi. And at every turn, Pawlenty has shot the idea down. In fact, this is the first time I can recall Pawlenty saying something positive about the team. And Zygi knows the political game. (Thank you Viking83 for pulling up the wheel-greasing here) He did real estate in Jersey, he can do it here. And now he has a weak point to needle at with Pawlenty.

Additionally, according to Access Vikings, ESPN has pointed out that there may be a possible sticking point with Favre not wanting to work out during the mandatory off-season training camps. If the result of the meeting is that Childress says "No, I don't want him." I think Zygi would over-rule him. So far, Zygi has simply been willing to sign the checks to get what he needs. And if Childress appears to be an active barrier preventing the Vikings from getting a new stadium. Zygi will likely give Childress two options. Stop bitching or get shit-canned.

I've given my perspective on it from more of a organizational standpoint. Do you think I'm off my rocker? Or does Favre REALLY give us a better shot at a stadium?

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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