NFC north predictions based on current roster.

I know it is early in the season, and I kind of hit on this topic in a previous post. But it is still fun to postulate.


The Vikes, though I am biased, are looking to be a very strong team this year. Last year many were picking us to be Super Bowl contenders based on the assume improvement of Tjack.

Then we got into the season, and were stuck with Frerrote and a playbook that is duller than Brad Childress Emceeing the Annual Turtle-Wax Convention.

I can't help but wonder "If we had Harvin last year, would it have made a difference?". Which is a valid question. We have to truely consider the fact that the pick was based on his versitility, and are we really going to utilize him to his fullest extent.

Loadholt is a great addition to the line, and I think he will easily slide into the starting RT slot.

I figure, considering the schedule, we should close to an  11 win season this year if we are not out-coached.


The Packers look to have addressed their needs in the best way out of the teams in the north. BJ Raji is going to be a beast and Clay Matthews is a nice addition for their switch to a 3-4.

They were in the top 8 in scoring last year, and lost many of their games because they just couldn't stop the other team from marching back down and scoring. I don't think their offense will change one bit, but you can expect them to clamp down on opposing offenses.

I can see them rivaling us for the division title at 11 wins as well.


The Bears had an arguably good offseason. They did not address their reciever needs much. Iglesias is a good pickup, but he is going to have a hard time being a #1 guy. 

Cutler is still a question mark in my book. His personality issues could be a major problem, or they could be severely overblown. Either way, I still think Orton will do better in Denver than Cutler will do in Chicago.

Matt Forte is going to make another huge leap this year, If he keeps it up he could end up being the best all-around back in the league.

Chicago's Tight Ends are pretty darn good as well. They might be Cutler's saving grace.

I figure there needs to be some kind an over-under type bet as to where the team will end up because it all hinges on Cutler's adjustment.   I say 10-6 if Cutler adjusts welll and 7-9 if not.


The Lions just stink.





They are rebuilding, and have made some excellent pickups. But Kevin Smith is LOOONY if he thinks the Lions will make a playoff run this year.

Stafford will take at least a year to adjust, and with Calvin Johnson out there he should be at least a serviceable starter this year. But I still think they should sit him for one year and get him another recieving threat.

I put the Lions at 5-11.

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