My Report From Mankato

I've only gotten to one practice so far and going tomorrow. My site line was poor as it was hard to position myself with a mobility scooter. But, i had some fun moments to share.

I was more impressed with Copter than I thought I would be. He was hitting some good shots to WR at mid and long range attempts.

Harvin! Oh my Gosh! This kid is a mini Randy Moss. He has that 2nd gear where just when you think the ball is overthrown, he turns it up a notch and reaches the ball.

It was hard to get a good evaluation of the line. The D was working very hard and although far off the young guys seem to add alot of speed.

My highlight of the day came when I asked where a good spot for photo ops would be. I was directed to a line with othr disabled and given a special section. I met at least 20 players and was overwhelmed by their genuine kindness to the fans. I have never seen this at other camps. I knew a guy that played with Harvin and had a Gators Helmet to hopefully get signed. Percy walked right over and we chatted at least 10 minutes. He is a very personable young man and i told him what a great place Minnesota is and how the fans will embrace you. He commented how friendly people were here and hopes he can play here a long time.  We also spoke of his friend (a Gator team mate) and fishing spots to visit near the Twin Cities.

Antionne Winfield visited with me and I told him about DN and how excited we all were that he resigned and will be a viking a long time more. Another very friendly person.

Jared Allen really shocked me as he was so friendly to everyone. He really enjoyed visiting with the fans. We talked about his last hunting trip and gave me advice on how to get back out hunting despite my physical limits. He took time to visit every disabled person and signed anything we wanted. He still went out and visited for a long period with the other fans.

Sidney Rice was very cool. I encouraged him to hang in there and spoke of his days at So Car. He has a very positive attitude and said he has worked harder than ever to show he can be a better and more productive WR this season.

Asher Allen is an absolute fishing and Fantasy football nut. He was just great. Keven Williams was a gentle Giant and helped me stand out of my scooter for a picture. Keinsausser, Dugan, Kleuwe and Copter were also mingling with us alot.

I had a visit with Copter too. I whispered to him "Go out and win that spot. Show em what you can do" He winked at me and whispered back "I have no intention of sitting the bench (backup) anymore" Gave me a thumbs up and smile.

What impressed me most was Chilly. As hard as i have been on him, his cold, boring image is totally torn off when you meet him. He loved visiting and answering questions. One guy in a wheelcahir who couldn't talk well asked him about Favre. Chilly was cool as a cucumber and explained he would have liked to have had him but it ultimately came down to BF's choice. He told the guy I just have to do the best with the guys we have and believe in them and asked the fan to do the same. The guy agreed and Chilly gave him a big hug and thanked him and all of us for coming.

It was a memorable day and will post some pics when I can.

I was proud to see the type of people we see on TV each Sunday. They were not cocky athletes bu tgenuinely nice guys like i have never seen as much of in the past. Made me more proud to be a Viking Fan.

Hope to go tomorrow and get a better report.

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