Going play by play: Sage vs T-Jack and the Special Teams coverage

I wanted to give a bit of a better representation of the two quarterbacks, then my off-the-cuff stuff from Friday night and Saturday morning, so I sat down this afternoon and watched the two quarterbacks in action. I also paid close attention to the Special Teams. After last year, I feel it's necessary. Below is the play by play analysis.

Starting off with Rosenfels:


1st pass: Fake handoff, turns around and fires straight over the middle into Shiancoe's numbers.

2nd pass: Quick swing pass to Tahi for three yards. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

3rd pass: Under pressure from two linemen, Sage rolled out right, stared down Rice, and threw the ball on-target while strafing to his right.

4th pass: Swing pass to Peterson for no gain. I'm still not saying anything.

1st run: Pocket collapses, and Rosenfels runs forward. Dives head-first, forward and away, when three yards away from opposing LB. Also turns the ball away as he dives. He may possibly remember the Rosencopter incident.

5th pass: Fake handoff, rollout right. Sage does a little hop as he tosses the ball on the run. Shiance keeps his stride and catches the ball up near his shoulder. (This was the 4th down pass)

6th pass: Stares down Shiancoe, pass was a little high and away from the defender. Complete.

7th pass: Quick pass to Rice is high, but complete.

A few plays later, Rosenfels uses a hard count to bring the D-line off-sides.

8th pass: Fake hand-off, pass downfield to Johnson. Rosenfels stares down his receiver again. Johnson has to slow down to catch the ball and the pass is defended.

9th pass: Pass to Johnson. He turns around and makes a small hop to catch the ball.

10th pass: Stares down Shiancoe again. Another on-target pass.

11th pass: Dropped by Kleinsasser in Troy Williamson fashion.

12th pass: Screen pass to Chester Taylor.

13th pass: Out of Bobby Wade's reach.

Additionally, while Sage was on the field, the Vikes got 8 First downs, went 1/4 on 3rd down, 2/2 on fourth down and got one TD and one FG.


And now, the T-Jack.

1st pass: Attempts to throw the ball and it falls out of his hand.

2nd pass: Hits Rice mid-stride, but Rice bobbles the ball and drops it.

3rd pass: Hit immediately after throwing the ball, ball is off-target to field left and way above Johnson's head.

4th pass: Jackson hops as he throws, ball is high, but on-target.

5th pass: Jackson out-throws Reynaud by about a foot. Jackson has no pressure.

6tth pass: Jackson throws the ball several yards over Dugan's head. Again, Jackson has no pressure.

1st run: Jackson scrambles out of bounds for a first down.

7th pass: Rolls out and completes a screen pass to Young in traffic.

8th pass: Pressured and throws the ball away with a defender hanging on him.

9th pass: Thrown immediately after the ball is snapped to his left. 3 yds. There may be a possible connection here.

10th pass. Quick swing pass, on target. 3 yds. Anyone else noticing a trend?

11th pass take one: Ball thrown away while inside pocket. False start penalty on opposing Defense.

11th pass take two: Straight ahead to Dugan. Pass completed.

12th pass: On target to Dugan.

13th pass: Low and away from Reynaud, but he makes a shoestring catch.

14th pass: Fake handoff and rolls out. Chased and ball is tossed short, low, and out of bounds to Williams on the Sideline.

15th pass: Tossed to Moore, high and on the sideline. Pass is completed until Lacey drills Moore, forcing him to drop the ball out of bounds.

Additionally, while T-Jack was on the field, the Vikes got 7 First downs, went 3/8 on 3rd down, and got a FG.


Besed off of this data, I feel Rosenfels was a more accurate with the ball, In cases where Jackson was throwing the ball down the field, (His strong point over Rosenfels) he was consistantly inaccurate. Both had a pitiful 3rd down conversion rate, Rosenfels was able to accrue one more first down than T-Jack, in less plays, though I count the Defensive Off-sides 1st down on his total due to the hard count pulling them off.


Special Teams Coverage:

1st kickoff was received at the 10 yd lne and returned to the 22 yd line.

2nd kickoff was received at the 6 and returned to the 17 with a nice, open-field tackle by Frampton.

1st punt was kicked to the 5 yd line and returned to the 17 yd line. The punt coverage team was significantly over-kicked.

3rd kickoff was received and the 8 yd line and returned to the 27 yd line.

4th kickoff was kicked 5 yards into the endzone and returned to the 14 yd line.

2nd punt had the returner getting hit by Glen Holt as he caught the ball. The returner fumbled but was lucky the ball rolled out of bounds.

3rd punt was a fair catch at the 19 yd line.

4th punt was out of the end zone.

5th punt was another fair catch at the 10 yd line.

Both the first punt and the third kickoff were examples of the danger of line-drive kicks. Unless your in the endzone, you should not be able to run 15 yards before you see your first defender. And in punts, if it was Hester back there, he would have had the space necessary to run it back. You know how many yards returners run it back after a fair catch? Zero. I don't care that it's not as far, our defense is able to handle the field being a bit shorter.


Alright, that's the last I'm going to say on the subject. I'll have another review next Sunday.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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