Brett Favre: A User's Guide


Packer fan here.  I hate you, you hate me, blah blah blah.

Ok, so now that I've gotten that out of the way, here are 10 tips for rooting for Brett Favre:

 10.  Never, NEVER turn off a game late.  Dude has a ton of comeback victories.  Thirty-nine at last count, though the pace has slowed significantly in the last few years.

9.  Never, NEVER turn off a game late.  Dude will occasionally throw a game deciding INT late when you least expect it.

8.  Get your wins early.  Going back over the last 5 years, Favre has shown a dramatic tendency to fade late in the season.  Ask the Jets.  Now I know he was banged up last year, but the truth is that if you go into the last month of the season needing 3 wins to make the playoffs, you're in trouble.  He just isn't a guy who can throw a team on his back in December and carry them to the playoffs anymore.

7.  Accept now the fact that you will lose to Chicago on December 28th.  The Brett Favre that played better in cold weather is gone.  Long gone.  His last dozen cold weather games (including blowout losses against Chicago, in Lambeau in 2007, and of course the NFC championship game in 2007, in Lambeau) were train wrecks for Favre.

6.  Get ready to watch him embrace the dome.  The correlary to #7 above.  I know he's 6-10 in the dome over his career, but things are different now, and not just because he's wearing purple.  Dude doesn't like to be cold anymore and barring unseasonable weather in Pittsburgh in late October or Green Bay in early November, he should only have to play one cold weather game all year.  He'll excel in the dome, particularly early in the season, in part because it'll protect from elements he can no longer handle.

5.  All Day is still, by far, the most important guy on your team.  But you better hope that Mr. Noodle (Childress) saves some wear and tear on him early in the season.  Come December, Favre's arm will be all but spent, and your defense and All Day will have to carry you into the playoffs and beyond.

4.  "Brett Favre loves football."  Get used to that phrase.  I know you've heard it a lot already, but you're about to hear it: Every.  Damn.  Week.

3.  Accept right now the fact that you're going to be treated to some stories of locker room hijinx.  Brett's a towel snapper and apparently last year he hid a mounted rodent in the locker of a team mate.  Be prepared for the fact that everyone will pretend to love it, while the players will secretly think he's a dick, and be prepared for the fact that he's not going to gel with every personality on your team.  Because he won't.  It's just a question of whether you win enough so that no one says anything.  And you'll see him in his maudlin moments.  They come a lot more often than they used to.  He may love football, and he wants to win, but it's not life or death for him anymore, and he'll "cherish the moment" on the field after losses just as readily as he will after wins.

2.  Enjoy the highs, because there will be some.  He'll have a 300yd, 4TD day at some point, and maybe more than one, and it'll feel like you can't lose with him at QB.  It'll feel like he's 30 and not 40.  And you'll be overjoyed that he's your QB. You'll laugh at his jokes, his dirty red hat, at his silly grin, and all will seem right with the world.  Until it's not.  And then:

1. Accept the Interceptions.  They're coming and you know it.  He's going to have a 4 pick day at some point.  Most games he'll throw at least one pick, and even when he doesn't, there will be 2-3 passes that will make you say "what the f***" as they bounce off the hands of wide open defenders.  If you're lucky, he won't have a 6+ pick day like he did against the Rams in the playoffs all those years ago now, but he might, and it might come at the worst possible moment.  Favre believes, I mean he REALLY believes he can make any throw at any time no matter the coverage, and given the opportunity he'll try to prove it.  Age hasn't changed that and Darell Bevel wasn't able to hammer it out of him in Green Bay and he won't be able to hammer it out of Favre in Minnesota either.  The man honestly does not care about stats other than his consecutive game streak.  I mean, when people note a milestone stat for him, he likes it.  That's obvious.  But when I say he does not care about stats, I mean he just does not give a damn how many picks he throws in a game, in a season, in a career, or even in a row.  He just doesn't care and no amount of criticism or coaching will make him care.  If he thinks he has to make plays to win the game, he'll continue to chuck the ball into coverage maddeningly, and he just.... won't.... care... when you call him on it later.  He'll shrug his shoulders and say he was trying to make a play and that if he couldn't make a play they wouldn't win anyway, and at some point you have to take chances.  And that's when Mr. Noodle will have to take the ball out of his hands and rely on All Day to get you the win, if he can.  Essentially, he's John Elway in 97 and 98, only he won't admit it.  That's not quite right, but it's close.  in 97 and 98, Elway knew what he was.  He squeezed enough plays out of his body to keep the defenses honest and he gave the ball to TD again and again.  He didn't force things.  He didn't try to make plays when they weren't there.   And he won two titles.  Bevell will try to convince Favre that's the route he should take.  And he'll fail.  The only quesstion is will your defense and and All Day be good enough to get Favre, a sporadically very good, frequently average and sporadically terrible QB a title?

Have fun finding out! 

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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