Why Mark Craig is a Total Idiot

If you haven't read Mark Craig, you are way ahead of the game, so I won't even link to his latest blog in which he whines over Brett Favre.    As has been clearly acknowledged by the Strib, this Mark Craig is the very same guy who wrote for the Canton Repository in the previous decade that Bill Belichick was a mumbling moron.  

No, Mark, you're looking at the man in the mirror.   The moron is you.

Fast forward into the twenty-first century.  Mark has come to Minnesota to try to write.  (After all, how much street cred do you think he has left in Ohio?)    The major league baseball team (the Twins in this case) is getting a new stadium, just like what was happening in Cleveland.   The pro football team is stuck in the old pit, with politicians saying they'd have to stay there, just like what was happening in Cleveland.   Surely Mark remembers what happened next.  (Or is history just not a good subject for Mark?)  The Browns left to become the Baltimore Ravens, win the Super Bowl, and stomp the heart of every Browns fan flat.   The Browns are still looking to even be in a Super Bowl.

And that alleged dummy Belichick?   Have we lost count of how many Super Bowl rings he has so far?

But wait.  There is a strange disturbance in the Force.  There is something different in the MInnesota version of this story.  Anyone with a minimum of knowledge on the subject knows that the Achilles' heel of the Minnesota Vikings of late has been the lack of a quarterback who can read and shred a defense that is stacked against the run.   The rest of the team positions for the Vikings are salted with Pro-Bowlers and with fresh young talent.   It is for the want of a nail that the battles are lost.   Lo and behold, through lost art of diplomacy, the team lures a future hall of fame quarterback out of retirement, and guy who understands the West Coast offense well enough to teach a people seeking a masters degree in it.   So who is the man who decides to look the gift horse in the mouth?  Who scoffs at this Jedi trick and instead suggests we start a food fight?

Yes, gentle readers, its the false prophet who thought that he could out-coach Bill Belichick, Mark Craig   It mattered not that Bill Parcels thought that Bill had talent.   Mark Craig knows all, sees all (except for what is right in front of his face).

So, presented with the break that might be the final inch that saves the Vikings and keeps them in Minnesota for years, Mark goes on a rant against acquiring the elderly Favre. 

It's not that Favre has no foibles.  I've watched the lad since he was a drunken rookie for the Falcons.   We all have our weaknesses and faults.   The idea is to minimize their impact, not to start a riot in the locker room.  Leave that stuff for the Oakland Raiders coaching staff.   Do as they say, not as they do.  (Just win baby.) 

Football is a team sport.   This Viking team has an offensive line like Patton tanks.  It has a running back with the eye of the tiger, a guy who makes Rambo look like some sissy,   It has a defense that just plain scares people.   (If you don't believe it, please talk to Payton Manning.) 

No poor bastard ever won a Super Bowl by kicking his teammates in the guts.  Super Bowls are won by making those other poor bastards kick themselves.  

So, in our hour of overcoming our team's one fatal offensive flaw, it is time to sieze the day, not to start off on a soap opera kick.   Let Giant wide outs shoot themselves in their lower extremities, if they must.  Our mission is to make hell freeze over, my dear Vikings fans.

I've read your crap before, Mark Craig.  I'm not going to assist you in driving another pro football team away from its fans.  The time has come to discuss what it will take for us to grab the Lombardi trophy, not to demean our elders.   If we do that together, and win the championship, anything else we feel the need to talk about can be the grist for our memoires.   

Sure, maybe Favre needs a disabled parking sticker so he can make it to the locker room these days.  Let's not over look that he also brings to our table the keys to the kingdom for everyone else wishing to sport that cherished jewelry from the Super Bowl collection.  If you think donning a purple four jersey is fun, imagine wearing the Super Bowl Champions shirt.

The stuff Mark Craig writes follows that old dictum, to write what you know.   Unfortunately, what Mark knows how to be foolish and just plain dumb.  

Let's do more than just be Minnesota nice.  The common good is to win the prize and to save the Vikings for Minnesota.   Let's do those things first.   Those lesser things will sort themselves out on their own. 

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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