Man T-Jack Really has the skills. . .

Tarvaris Jackson is really a talented Football player.  He is athletic, has a strong arm and really can make a lot of different throws.

If only he could grasp the complexities of the position.  I don't claim to understand them but his foot work is Garbage and he waits way to long to make the correct throw. 

You can see it in the Touchdown tosses he threw to Shank and Reynaud. 

On the pass to Shank he booted out left so fast that there was no way he could throw the ball effectively on time.  It was a good thing that Shank kept sliding across the endzone so he could catch that awful, off the back foot floater that T-Jack threw up.  Even so, it was effective.  Throwing floaters to Shank or Sid rice is reasonable just please throw him the floater with some timing.  T-jack should watch Alex Smith roll out.  Smith might not be the best QB but he looks like he knows what he's doing.

On the throw to Reynaud T-Jack looked good mostly, but still his foot work was odd.  The commentators praised him for his composure in the pocket, but he didn't even step into the throw.  That play really showed off T-jack arm strength because it was on the money even though his footwork was off. 

I don't know if he's just not the coachable or what but I just hope someone can get him to learn to play correctly so he can capitalise on his God given talent.

Also, there was the play where he scrambled away from pressure, crossed the line of scrimmage and threw the ball after running four and a half yards down the field.  That was remarkable.  I can't believe he didn't know he was across the line.  I thought he was gunna take off and he should have. 

I hope the Vikings can keep, Sage and T-jack and what the heck why not JD Booty too.  We don't need too keep 6 FB/TE's we can keep 4 QB's.  If anyone can show T-jack how to pass a football efficiently it would be Brett Favre.  I couldn't have been happier watching that game when Favre and T-Jack were sitting together looking at game film.  What an opportunity for T-jack, hope he understands that.  Alex Smith can get no better.  If T-jack could polish his game up like Alex Smith did probably sometime in college he'll look like a more athletic Donovan McNabb)

alex smith (via SFsk8r89)

(this Video's kinda funny, smith didn't roll out alot in college but if you watch his footwork is solid, just wish T-jack could do that and use his speed a little bit.  If he can polish up alittle bit he could be really good, and yes, he could be the future of the QB posistion for the Vikings)

Alex Smith (via sherbert49)

(In this video you see the kinda roll out I'm talking about. . .T-jack no doubt has more talent than Alex Smith becuase Alex shows polish in his skills, and is a bust, while T-jack shows no polish and has looked promising)


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