Is Chilly that bad?

I read many comments that BC needs to his defense he won the North in his 3rd season...BC and Staff has put together a solid D and O. The only problem position that has been and yes still is, QB.

But if you look back at the drafts and the FA QB's that this Staff has had a chance to sign...and do not forget WHO would not be on the roster if we moved up and drafted a guy...or what FA would not have been signed in the past...There has not been very much out there to get and try to groom.

As to his coaching ability...look who he has won with at QB!...many folks say we need Bill Cowher...but he is much like Chilly...a run 1st guy with a solid D...and it took Bill a few years to win a SB....he was winning and going to the playoffs...BC has now won the North...the Vikes look to do that again. He like Bill seems to be a His way or the we do not see as much Bad press on the team.

BC is learning...He has a good eye for talent in players..and Staff...look at the DC's 1 gone to a HC'ing Job that took a talent laden team and won the SB...another guy who is on the watch list. BC and Staff has built a solid team here and with this staff seems to still be building for the future. We are once again back in the mix...winning the Division...something we used to do with ease.

He has taken the Vikes back in time so to a Bud Grant kind of team...Strong D and a WCO type of O. that will punch you in the mouth. But he like the players is growing and learning...getting better each year.

Many folks seem to feel Mike Shanny should be hired...he won some games but seemed to be on the down side of his coaching career...I just do not see that many options out there for HC...and who is to say that the NEW guy wont take us a few steps back....he would have the same QB issue we have now.

It takes a lot to win the big one...1st step is to get in the mix...we are now...lets enjoy the ride...maybe next draft we find our Franchise QB.

But with a strong D...we can get there and win the big one with a Brad or Trent type of QB....they did!

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