Concerned yet?

Is who concerned yet?  I'm talking about the Chicago Bears, that's who.

The Bears are getting all sorts of negative press after their pathetic demonstration of how to play the game of football on Sunday night.  As far as I can tell, this is the most negative press they've gotten since they signed their "Franchise" quarterback Jay Cutler, and it appears to be making them kind of upset

I realize the following are a series of bold statements, especially after only 1 week.  But hey, if Berman can pick Cleveland over Minnesota and King can pick Detroit over Minnesota, on the national level nonetheless, then I feel totally justified writing this....  here's what I think:

  • They are realizing that there is a possibility that Jay Cutler is not nearly the calibur quarterback that they were hoping he was, and that they might actually have to admit it soon.  Although the blind allegiance is rampant right now because they are clinging to hope, they can only cling so long.....
  • They are coming to grips with the possibility that they could be cozying up next to the Lions in the division with a 3rd place finish, especially after Pittsburgh lays the smack down this week making them 0-2.  I saw as stat on NFL network earlier today saying that since 1990, only 13.8% of teams going 0-2 make the playoffs....  And with us and GB in the division, well, good luck with that Chicago..
  • They are starting to become concerned with their lack of 1st round draft picks for the next two years, in effect securing them a seat in the bottom half of the division for a couple years to come.
  • The injuries on defense are going to hurt them big time.  I hate injuries, and I thought about not including it here, but it's an unfortunate reality that they have to deal with.  I really do hope for speedy recoveries for those guys.
  • They are mad at the media, just like we get upset with the media when they are constantly bashing on the Vikings.
  • Their power rankings have fallen significantly after just week one.  I know one could argue the importance of power rankings and that they don't mean squat, but hey, if it is going make Bears fans more upset, I say keep it coming.
  • And finally, all that smack talking about us getting Favre and how awful we're going to be as a result.....  I could write a nover here, but I think that will just speak for itself at the end of the season.

Not much brings a bigger smile to my face than to watch the Bears lose and to watch Bears fans lose it.  After week 5, I put them at 1-4, having beat only Detroit.  Maybe then some of these realizations will have truly set in.  It will be very fun to watch!

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