My day in Detroit...a Vikings tale.

My brothers! I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday watching our beloved purple get another win. I most certainly did.

I began the day at 5:30, showered up, made sure I had all the necessary items for the game, and began the long trek up to Detroit by 6 a.m.  Four hours later I was in Detroit, wandering the somewhat desolate streets and examining Comerica Park and Ford Field. The doors opened at 11, and I stepped inside.  One of the first to enter...a Vikings fan.

A few of the players were on the field stretching and warming up, so I headed down and watched them from the seats behind the Minnesota bench. It was unreal to see all the players so close. Longwell, Harvin, Henderson, Greenway, and others were within 15 feet of me. No real conversations took place between us, but some fan/player interaction took place. It was very exciting.

A couple things that surprised me. Favre is smaller than he appears on screen. Tahi is a BEAST! And Calvin Johnson is just plain huge. Seeing all of them close up was an incredible experience. Berrian is ridiculously thin...and very fast. I could go on and on talking about each of the players...but I'll move on.

Game time approached, so I headed to my seat. Section 115 (in the endzone on the left side of the goal post), Row 11, seat 9.  Fantastic seats for the price I paid. Unfortunately, despite seeing hordes of Vikings fans prior to the game, I was stuck in the middle of one of the more raucous Detroit sections.

You all know what happened during the game, so I won't recount that for you. Except Peterson's TD run. Before the play began I called his touchdown run...and he came through...running into the endzone directly in front of me.  I went crazy cheering for him and then turned to some of the Lions fans that were heckling me about Peterson all game and just winked and pointed to my jersey. They were silent on that topic the rest of the game.

Well, I could really talk about this all day and tell you all countless trivial little details that made my day so special...but it might get a little boring for I'll conclude.

The game ended and I exited the stadium, high-fiving all the other Vikings fans, happy as ever, and tired. My first official Vikings game was a blast and it made me very excited for the day that I get to see them at home, as well as the rest of the season.



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