Quantum Mechanical Brett Favre

Regarding the play to Greg Lewis, some people are complaining about the lack of other receivers in the end zone.   This play is not the hail Mary, where devoted prayer or the random bounce of the football plays a large part in the outcome.   As the great Paul Allen is wont to say, this play was a "cold-blooded connection".  This throw was no high rainbow.  Favre, the Silver Fox, throws a silver bullet accurately enough to slay a werewolf at 120 paces.

At the start of the play, as we've all seen, Favre buys time and starts off with a shoulder fake like he's going to throw to his left.   Of course, this is needed to get Greg time to go deep.

Greg Lewis is in for Percy Harvin, and the veteran Niners free safety, Mark Roman is probably thinking he's glad that the former Florida speedster won't be coming at him as he stakes out center field.  

The other three receivers all pull up around the fifteen.  What are they doing?   One stops on either sideline where they can catch a clock-stopping pass, and the third pulls inside on the right, where he is distracting defenders as Favre looks that way.   

As Greg runs his post pattern, he is indeed the only man who goes into the end zone, so why does he wind up open? 

Here's the thing: Roman realizes that Lewis has gotten behind him, even though Roman himself is positioned in the end zone.   Favre, having eluded a sack as he rotated his throwing arm like a broken windmill, assassinates Roman with his final non-standard footwork.   He steps up to throw the pass as though he is going to fire toward the left, raising the thought that Greg Lewis perhaps is doubling back in his route to get open.   This bluff freezes Roman for that fatal fraction of a second which Lewis needs to get past behind Roman along the back line.  

Since is Mark Roman is not a microscopic particle, Roman is way too big to be in two places at once.  Favre has checkmated him, and his goose is about to be nuked.  Favre fires at an angle to his right. 

Lewis leaps for the ball and does his crashing gymnastic footwork to sneak both feet inbounds. The suspense crescendoes as the officials on the end line verify he caught the football, even though we've seen the replay a hundred times.  Their arms go up in unison. 

Mission accomplished.  The ex-Eagle has landed.

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