Cowboys vs. Vikings

Ok I would like to start by saying that I come in peace. I would just like to discuss the matchup for this Sunday with people who know a lot more about the Vikings then I do. I will make my matchups/comparison and I expect your input if you believe I overlooked anything. I am trying to be as unbiased as possible, but I am only human. So without further ado here we go.



I believe this game will be won or lost in the trenches. Primarily when Dallas is on Defense and the Vikings are are offense. Let's face it, if Favre has time he can inflict damage. He isn't young, mobile, and as elusive as he once was so pressure is key. This isn't the Philly game either where everyone is running deep routes, Childress actually has people run routes underneath and checkdowns so there won't be a lot of time to get to him. No pressure for Dallas = long day.



Jared Allen vs Flozell Adams - So far this year Flo has done very well against the 4-3 defense. Jared Allen wrapped up the season with 14.5 sacks, 7.5 coming from the two meetings with GB. I expect Flo to handle Allen fairly well for most of the game, but when it is all said and done I don't see Allen leaving with less then one big play. 50 tackles, 5 ff,1 int, and 14.5 sacks for a DE say playmaker so watch that matchup.

Tony Romo vs Minnesota secondary - Tony Romo is on fire right now but let's take a brief look at that Minnesota secondary. Winfeild is banged up with 0 int's but Cedric Griffin has 4, Tyrell Johnson and Madieu Williams combined for 1 int all season. This is a team isn't a ballhawk defense like Philly was, but they stay in position and tackle much better. I see Tony Romo moving the ball downfield against them, but he might make a mistake and thow a pick somewhere throughout the course of the game.

Viking rushing game vs Dallas defense - Let's face it with AD there's no way you can go into this game underestimating the run. Plain and simple Dallas needs to get a lead out of the gate to limit the run or AD will make them regret it.

Dallas rushing game vs Vikings defense - This is going to be a challenge for Dallas. Two big DT's (assuming Big Pat plays) with Jared Allen and Ray Edwards as the bookends. Edwards is a run stopper so expect the Cowboys to run right at Allen trying to catch him in overpursuit of the pass. The usual delay's and draw's to his side will be routine. I don't see them having as productive of a game as they are use to.

TE's vs Defenses - I believe this is an advantage on both sides. Shiancoe is banged up, but I see him having a decent day as long as he gets his normal reps. As for Witten, E. J. Henderson going down is trouble in my eyes. He was the best option to limit Witten.

Vikings WR's vs Dallas CB's - Obviously I would love to be a Dallas homer here and say our corners have this, but that isn't the case. Orlando Scandrick will be big in this game. If they get some Harvin vs Scandrick 1 on 1 it might create problems for Dallas. 

Buehler and McBriar vs Harvin - It's a battle of  field position and Dallas has been doing great all year. Could Percy Harvin be their kryptonite?

Hometown advantage - If Dallas doesn't take the lead early, and even more so if they get down early will crowd noise play a factor. The last 4 games Cowboys have not trailed, this has been pivotal in their ability to demotivate their opponent.

Injuries- This is working against Minnesota, but just how big of a role will it play?



Chester Taylor. He is great in pass protection, screen passes/checkdowns from the back feild, and can pull coverage running decoy routes. Shutting him down will be pivotal.


I am not going to make any predictions of score or whatever because that defeats the purpose of this post. This proves the game will be close and could go either way. Obviously you know who I am picking and I know who you are so it's pointless.


I look forward to hearing you what you all think! 


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