T’was the NFC Championship

T’was four weeks after Christmas, despite rumored rifts,

Brett Favre and the Vikings still kept opening gifts.

Their helmets were hung about their lockers with care.

Another game was coming, and that’s what they’d wear!


The Packers were hurting, fallen back in their beds,

All of their playoff picture left lying in shreds,

While Elgar proudly beamed in his old Viking’s cap,

For Minnesota Vikings had huge things on tap.


Those old Dallas Cowboys had stirred up that chatter;

The final gun sounded.-  (Their noise did not matter!)

They hopped on that airplane, disappeared in a flash,

Their "NFC Champ" caps were just tossed in the trash.


The Saints will be through when our great Purple arrive!

"We dat" who are advancing to smash their bee hive!

Yes, our team can stand up to some finishing strong.

Bring back brown paper bags to that black and gold throng.

I remember last fall when Brett Favre first arrived,
The reporters had muttered his act was contrived.
He’d just hand off the football to faithful A. D…
But he shouted, rerouted, and called out with glee:

"Now Sidney! now Percy! now Shiancoe! now Berrian!"
Both Chester and A. D. did much more than carryin’.

Wow, Favre!  How Impartial! He had tossed each a slew!

He had even hit Kleinsasser; Greg Lewis, too!!!

The defense played so tough; though those injuries came.
Yes, the whole Viking’s team kept their heads in the game.
So then off to the playoffs these coursers they flew,
With the some really strong help from the special teams crew.

While the squad had lost E. J. (…and Erin got pinched),
The NFC North crown had been finally clinched.
How the big Williams Wall stood unmoved, never flinched
(Although Roger Goodell might have wanted them lynched).

Just as Chilly had said, take them one at a time.
Please don’t let any thoughts get all sullied with grime,
For the road to the playoffs is handled that way,
Keep your eyes on the prize, and you won’t go astray.


Now it’s come down to this: the Big Easy we’ll face.
We’re aware the big game will be played at their place.
Let our team stay on track towards its primary goal.
If we win the next game, then we make Super Bowl.

Our fans were tremendous; they have hollered and screamed,

Made this last home game go as so many had dreamed.
Now our brave, mighty Vikings must sail off alone.
To enter Valhalla, we each go on our own.


Still, it’s not about you, and it’s not about me.
It’s the way that we all hang together, you see.
Don’t let things from outside pull sweet dreams apart,
We have got to stay focused, believe in our heart.

So, they’ll dress next in white, and we’ll shout at the tube.
We won’t care who might call us a homer or rube.
Though this world might break things that we really can’t mend,
We must all do the finest we can in the end.

Let’s surge as that football kicks off at the whistle,
To challenge our foe like some Predator missile.
Yes, we’ve all come this far now.  Our prize is in sight.
We can get through their playing this damn game at night!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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