14 Reasons to Beat the Saints

The Minnesota Vikings go for their 14th victory of the year in the NFC Championship game on Sunday at 5:40 pm, Central Standard Time.

Right now, the Vikings are 0-0. There is no win. There is no loss. It's a new season. First up on the schedule is the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome in Louisiana. It is time to list the reasons for the Vikings to get the victory.

  1. The Vikings have a chance to go 1-0 on the season.

  2. Control what the Vikings can control, and don't worry about the rest. Do not let uncontrollable facts affect the game. It's a road game in a loud dome on a Sunday night. Before the game, the winner of the Jets-Colts game will be known. Do not let any of that affect the way the Vikings play.

  3. Earn the victory. Football games should be won by the better team. The Vikings have worked hard, are very talented, are well-prepared, and deserve this moment. The Vikings deserve the glory of playing in this game, and the Vikings deserve to win this game. In football, a victory can only be earned. It is never given away. The Vikings should win this game because they are the better team.

    Jasper Brinkley, Percy Harvin, and Kenny Onatolu

  4. Stop Reggie Bush. Already the media has dusted off the Reggie Bush hype machine. Bush enjoyed the good life in college. He has disappointed in the NFL, though he remains dangerous. Now that his team is in the playoffs, Reggie Bush suddenly plays hard and tries to break tackles. Reggie Bush does not deserve to go to the Super Bowl.

  5. Win the battle of ex-teammates. Visanthe Shiancoe and Jeremy Shockey were teammates on the Giants. Brett Favre, Ryan Longwell, and Darren Sharper were on the Packers. Darren Sharper was with the Vikings for four years.

  6. Play for the honor of the NFC North. Since the NFC North came into existence, only one team from our division has won the NFC Championship and appeared in the Super Bowl--the Bears in 2006. That year, to win the NFC championship, the Bears beat the Saints, 39-14. Bernard Berrian had a nice game, with 5 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown.

  7. Show the Saints you don't need baseball bats to play football. Against the Cardinals, the Saints not only used the slogan, "Bring the wood," they also waved around baseball bats before the game. Here is Reggie Bush waving around his baseball bat. Don't be intimidated.
    Reggie Bush waves a bat

  8. Play better than last year's game. The Vikings won, 30-27. Reggie Bush returned 2 punts for touchdowns. He almost returned a third, but he tripped on the midfield insignia. Adrian Peterson had 21 carries for just 32 yards. The Vikings managed to pick Drew Brees off twice, however. Antoine Winfield keyed the Vikings' victory with a recovery of a blocked field goal attempt, and touchdown,
    Antoine Winfield scores a touchdown in 2008 against the Saints
    plus a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery, and return of the ball into the red zone.
    Antoine Winfield
    Antoine Winfield
    Bernard Berrian scored a touchdown.
    Bernard Berrian
    Bernard Berrian
    In some ways, luck helped the Vikings very much, as a facemask by Chad Greenway was not called when he forced Reggie Bush to fumble. At the end of the game, the Saints kicker missed a field goal. The Vikings had only one sack on the day. For the Saints, Jeremy Shockey (TE), Marques Colston (WR), Jermon Bushrod (OT), and Sedrick Ellis (DT) did not play (inactive). For the Vikings, Sidney Rice and Benny Sapp did not play. To win this game, the Vikings will need to play their game.

  9. Take care of business. The Vikings lost to the Cardinals in blow-out fashion earlier this year. Last Saturday, the Saints whipped the Cardinals, 45-14. This leads observers to say that the Saints will completely blow-out the Vikings. Take care of business and prove the critics wrong.

  10. Upset the Saints. The Saints are favored to win by Las Vegas, and the Saints believe they have already won the Super Bowl. The Saints are so confident, they have signed a retired player, Deuce McCallister, to the roster of their team as a symbolic gesture. This is the Saints' way of saying they consider competition like the Vikings to be easily beaten.

  11. Stop any Viking from playing in the Pro Bowl. The nine ten Vikings selected to the Pro Bowl would like to play in Miami, but a week after the Pro Bowl, and with their teammates.

  12. Take advantage of the opportunity. The Vikings are playing to win the NFC championship. The Vikings might return to this game next year, but there are no guarantees. No team with a playoff bye last year made the playoffs this year. This might not happen again for years. It might be the only chance for championship glory for this great group of Vikings that we fans have grown to love. No matter what happens in this game, Vikings' fans will be cheering like crazy for our Vikings and supporting them 100%.

  13. Finish. Follow-up the regular season and the divisional playoff game by winning the NFC Championship trophy.

  14. Go to the Super Bowl.


Who dat?
Who dat gonna beat dem Saints?
We dat.


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