The Brew For the Saints v Vikings Game…..

Now folks it is important to absorb and consume the spirit of the opposing team and what better way to do that than to drink their essence in the form of spirits?

Some might go for consuming the heart of their enemy but that is just plain wrong unless it is your first deer kill which this isn't and we aren't talking about killing just winning...  And that's for pagan types anyway and we areSaints. But Sheesh now that I think about it... I must have saved a million pagan babies back when I was in school and the nuns would come around collecting money for "The Pagan Baby Fund".  Later when I was much older I thought you know... I should become a pagan and collect some of that Pagan Babe fund... but... Oh wait.. I digress... back to important stuff. 

So for this week’s game our drink is.

The Purple Turtle

(to make the Vikings Slow)

Ingredients to use:         

1.0 oz Sapphire Gin

1.0 oz Gosling’s Bermuda Gold Rum

1.0 oz Patron Tequila Anejo Gold Tequila

1.0 oz Citron Vodka

1.0 oz Chambord (this is what will make it purple)

Mikes Hard Lemonade


As usual get out your drink shaker put in the ice…. (No Fear you can use snow as long as it isn’t yellow this drink has plenty of Gold in it already).

Pour in each of the ingredients except the Mikes Lemonade.

Shake Shake Shake Shake….

Now in your big Ole Drinkn’ glass the kind you use for your Ice Tea in the Summer... You know... BIG... put in some fresh ice cubes…. Pour in about hmmm… Oh I don’t know about four big sips worth of Mikes Lemonade over the ice… swirl it around a bit then strain the drink from your shaker into your glass. Give a little stir… you are going to get a little bubble effect from the Mikes but not so much it will spill over and waste a single drop (alcohol abuse).




Do Not consume while reading any of JND’s posts and if you drink even ONE get a designated driver.

p.s. Turtle rhymes with Purple (or at least to me it does)



To the Vikings Fans... 

One or two things will happen if you create this brew for consumption during the game... 

1. If we win.... you won't feel any pain.

2. If you win... You can change the Name to The Purple Demon

as usual... just meant in good fun. I thought I would share our weekly 'Brew" drink with you. Now some of our Saints fans think it is too strong... I am guessing a bunch of Vikings can handle it. 


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