The Pain behind the loss, a grumbling over a silly rule in the NFL.

There is something that bothers me about the NFL. The Sunday night game with the Saints and the Vikings was a perfect example of it.

Listen, everyone that knows me knows that I'm a serious fan of Brett Favre. He's way up there on my heroes list next to people like John Elway, Jerry Rice, and all of the great players of old. Some of those people were born to greatness, some of them had it thrust upon them, and still others grasped greatness when other people continued to tell them they were too small, dumb, or old.

Brett Favre is one of the last in the twilight years of his career. And so it pains me to see Brett Favre sit there on the sideline, watching the Saints win the toss in overtime and drive the ball down the field for a game winning field goal. I'm sure he feels deep in his gut that he blew it. The Vikings were finished due to his mistake, and that he had gained an entire legion of new Favrehaters in the meantime.

Never mind that Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball 3 times, Brett Favre will take the whole blame upon himself. He made a mistake that he will probably regret the rest of his life. He had a dream, an aspiration, that he was going to cap off his career with a Super Bowl victory. That he will ride off into the sunset with a new group of fans dressed in purple, and that he will be known as the greatest QB that has ever lived.


But he wasn't given that opportunity. After Drew Brees and the Saints won the coin toss by luck of the draw, they took the ball right down the field to score the game winning field goal. Brett Favre and his offense was forced to watch on the other end of the field, knowing that there was nothing that they could do. That they were completely helpless. The fate of the game, the fate of the entire season rested on the shoulders of their defense. If they made even a field goal, the game would be over. The Saints would be spurred on to greatness, the Vikings would be roped off from the celebrations and ushered into the background, and everyone would accept it that the Saints were victorious and that the Vikings have failed.

They may believe it, but I do not.

There is one rule that I'm sick and tired of. One rule that I hate and despise, and whose page in the rulebook I wish would be thrown in a terrible pit of embers and fire. Sudden Death Overtime has to go. Nowhere in sports should a game be decided by the flip of the coin. To put it simple, I suggest that the NFL should adapt the college version of overtime. If a team is going to lose a football game, let them at least show that they've lost. Letting the Saints score and not giving the Vikings a chance to answer back is like letting a midget bitchslap Arnold Schwarzenegger and then declaring him Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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