The new generation



It's interesting how the previous generation of Vikings fans got to experience four Super Bowl losses.

It's interesting how my generation of Vikings fans have now experienced five NFC Title losses.

Interesting. Hard to believe we could find a way to actually be envious of that previous generation who at least got into the Super Bowl.

By the mid-4th quarter yesterday, I truly realized that I could accept losing the Super Bowl provided we just got there, that I truly could enjoy just getting to it. I just wanted to feel what it would be like to just get to the Super Bowl, winning it or losing. In my ~30 years so far I have not had the opportunity.


I guess it is the same for the Saints, but after them annihilating our QB, and already liking the Colts as a team, I am fine with the Saints never winning a Super Bowl. The Vikings could have hit Brees every single play a couple of steps too late, but they didn't. I don't see why the Saints had to drive Favre into the ground after every play.

However, the thing that truly matters yesterday is that if the Vikings hold on to the ball, they probably win by a score such as 41-21. They were in position to control the game. They limited the Saints to 3 of 12 on third down, despite Brees staying free of pressure most of the time. Just can't put the ball on the ground.

The stuff that happened in overtime was weak and included a lot of close calls, the pass interference was a horrible call that impacted the game way too much for what it was, but we didn't deserve to win after 5 turnovers.

I always supported keeping sudden-death overtime, but this game has converted me. They need to give both teams possession in overtime.

I think Favre played a good game and the interceptions hurt but he was just trying to make plays. He talks about running on the final play that was an INT but the guy's ankle got beaten so badly that he originally thought it was broken. His instinct at 40 is to not try and scramble, and it's a good instinct. It was just a tough play. We were in a tough spot and the loss isn't his fault alone. He made some stunning plays to put us in a spot to win.

If we keep any one of the fumbles, we definitely win. The fumbles are the top reason we lost.

Thinking back on this season, I will remember how fun it was to watch Favre play great and elevate our team. I will remember crushing the Packers twice with Favre. It was a fantastic season and I will go on knowing we came within a few yards and/or a critical fumble of being in the Super Bowl. There were about 40 ways we could have won yesterday and it just didn't happen. But the Vikings gave 110% effort, Favre played with a ton of heart, and it was a great game.

I hope Favre starts again next year for the Vikings, but either way it was amazing to be able to be a fan of his and see him play great for our team after hating him for years. Now I am a huge fan.

Skol Vikings!

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