Land Shark Stadium Field will be OK for Vikes

I responded to a concern about Joe Robbie/Land Shark Stadium turf conditions. I had mentioned it was one of the best kept fields I have seen. Unlike Carolina where it looked like a chewed up country golf course when we played there or Tampa which was resoded before the game last year, Miami does a great job. It is much like the domes artificial field turf in consistancy and being we are in the off tropical season rain will probobly not effect So. Florida.

If we go I hope to go down and do some "DN reporting" with Gonzo's blessing

Let's do it! Skol

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November 1991

Purdue's Prescription Athletic Turf Replaces Artificial Turf

Advantages Of Prescription Athletic Turf

Prescription Athletic Turf provides the benefits of natural grass without the disadvantages of muddy or parched fields. The system substantially reduces maintenence, and, because the field is able to drain itself, the field can be perfectly level.

Athletes prefer grass fields over artificial turf because the natural turf is less likely to produce scrapes, bruises and "rug burns" and aggravate pre-existing knee or ankle injuries.

Never to be forgotten, finally, is the esthetic pleasure fans and athletes get from an event played on natural grass.

How Prescription Athletic Turf Works

The Prescription Athletic Turf system was developed at Purdue University by agronomy Professor Emeritus William H. Daniel in 1971 because of the need for a safe and consistent athletic playing surface. It uses an underground system of vacuums, moisture sensors and drain pipes to either drain excess water from the field or to backflow and send water to the grass roots. Under the turf is a two-ply plastic sheet that seals off the field from the surrounding earth. The growing medium above the liner is largely sand, which aids in drainage.

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