Your 2009 NFL MVP is... Peyton Manning

Well Peyton Manning has done it. He has recieceved his 4th MVP in his career. That was also his 4th of the Decade. WOW! I have no problem with this award. I think Peyton did deserve it, but the odd thing is that our boy Brett did not get 1 vote. He didnt get a single freaking vote. Unreal. He should have gotten at least 5 votes. Full story after the Jump


Maybe the award should be renamed Most Valuable Peyton.

Peyton Manning became the first player to win The Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player honors four times. The Indianapolis Colts' sensational quarterback romped to the award Saturday in balloting by 50 sports writers and broadcasters who cover the league. He got 39 1/2 votes to 7 1/2 for Drew Brees as only quarterbacks received any backing.

Manning adds the 2009 honors to the awards he won in 2003, 2004 and 2008, breaking a tie with Brett Favre at three MVPs.

"It's been a different season," said Manning, who guided the Colts to a 14-0 record before they rested starters in the second half of two games and finished 14-2. "Like I've said all along, it's been a challenge, it's been a grind at times, but guys have stepped up and played well."

No one more so than Manning, who threw for 4,500 and 33 touchdowns and, perhaps most impressively, led the Colts to a record seven fourth-quarter comeback wins.

The 33-year-old Manning also has started every game in his career, 192 in the regular season and 15 in the playoffs. He is durable, dynamic, dependable and decisive.

In other words, most valuable.

"He's been such a highly accomplished performer year in and year out. Just when you think you've seen his best, he improves upon it," said Jim Caldwell, who replaced Tony Dungy as coach and benefited from the same kind of performances Manning gave Dungy. "This year is one of those in terms of when you look at his numbers and how he's been able to play consistently well over a long period of time. It's been remarkable.

"I think a lot of it has to do with his drive. He just has an innate sort of will to excel. He never gets bored with it. That, I think, is highly unusual."

So unique that Manning has joined the truly elite of team sports: Wayne Gretzky (9), Barry Bonds (7) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6), the leaders for most valuable player awards in each of their sports.

I am highly astoundished that Favre did not get one vote but who cares. Individual awards mean nothing if we don't get the big one. Favre and Percy Harvin will be raising the only trophy that matters on Febuary 7th.



UPDATE: 10:07


Actually Rivers got 2 votes, and Favre had one vote. One Freaking vote. Still unreal.

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