Most people do not realize the full implications of the Brett Favre scandal. The owners of Vikings have been trying to get a new stadium for at least the last five years, but in order to do so they need public money. Minny’s government has refused to give it to them. The owners feel their best hope is by using a public referendum. That is why they are going all out to reach the SB this year. That is why they gave Favre an extra 3-4 million dollars to come back this year, even after the allegations were first made public. That is why they made no investigation, and the allegations were so downplayed, when they first became public on August 4, before the season begun. They said it was a case of he-she said because there was no proof, since they believed after two years no proof existed. But they never looked or contacted her, to see if there was any proof. They were not interested in the truth, only their pocketbook. The owners hoped the "feel good" effect would make a successful result in a referendum much more likely, since not only would football fans support it, but the general public would also. The owners owe the Viking fans an apology for a ruined season, which could have been avoided. This scandal has given them a black eye, and makes a successful result in any referendum less likely, especially, if they do not get to the SB which is more probable after they lose to the Jets this week

Viking fan have to be very careful for what they wish for. A new stadium allows the owners to implement a "Personal Seat Licence" (PSL) system, which means the present fans have to pay a fee in the thousands of dollars just for the right to buy season tickets for seats they already use. Blue collar long time fans will be locked out, to be replaced by high-end corporate types for whom the paying $5,000 or more just to have the right to buy seats means nothing. It is a business entertainment tax write-off. Be careful, or you may no longer have your season tickets.


Why did Jenn Sterger have proof after two years?

Favre’s approach to her was unwelcomed – married and much older.

She rejected him, and then he sent indecent pictures of his private parts.

According to report from friend, she became mad and threw cell phone when she received pictures.

Felt there was nothing she could do, because of her relation relative to Favre in Jets organization.

If she went outside the organization, there would be a scandal which would end her new career.

Because Favre is public figure held on to picture and communications hoping to get even someday.

Tried to get Favre by telling story on August 4, hoping to keep him from rejoining Vikings.

Offered large sum of money for evidence now, which offsets the problems caused by scandal,

and gets even with Favre.


Why do I believe Vikings will lose Monday?

True or not, Jenn Sterger and scandal's impact on wife will be on Favre’s mind, 

Jets have Home field advantage, 80,000 fans cheering J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets 

and N-U-T-S, Nuts, Nuts, Nuts ; which is similar to their normal cheer.

Favre has a hurt elbow and ankle

Has not practiced enough to have timing down with Moss

May not be patient and hurry decisions, making bad ones trying new toy

Jets have return of 3 Pro-Bowl quality players for this game

Lost to Miami, who Jets defeated

Play so far this season 1-2

Jets are a strong team 3-1 with a passer rating of 105 to Favre’s 65

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