Vikings beat Cowboys. Some thoughts I think.

Vikings defeat Cowboys, 24-21. Here is a bunch of thoughts that might be like a stream of consciousness.

Pitch Count.  Last year Favre was on a pitch count. He wouldn't be allowed to throw more than 50 passes on any day of practice. His arm made it through the whole year. This offseason, the Vikings said Favre is no longer on a pitch count. Favre got tendenitis. That pitch count sounds like a good idea for the rest of this year.

Get Jackson ready. Give Tarvaris Jackson practice reps with first team. While Favre played well today, there are two factors to consider here. First, between Favre's lack of mobility, and our pass protection, he is getting hit a lot. Like someone said on Fox after the game, if that doesn't get better, he won't make it through the whole season. Second, Favre didn't have the same velocity on the ball today. He made the throws he needed to make, but missed on several pass plays, including the over-the-middle strike to Berrian that could have clinched the game in the 4th quarter. It is a good idea to prepare Jackson with the first team for some practice reps in case he really is needed.

Running backs. We had all three halfbacks: All Day, Gerhart, and AY active today. We won the game. It's not a coincidence. Each back has a different skill set, and none can do it all. We should also see more formations with two of these players at the same time. Tahi is a warrior who never fails to give 110% effort. The missed assignments against the Jets hurt. The pass protection is not great anyway. Albert Young is our best pass protector running back, and should have more playing time for that reason alone.

Center  Our two victories this year came with different centers: Ryan Cook (Lions) and Jon Cooper (Cowboys). It appears that Cooper is better, at least against 3-4 defenses. We all want Sullivan to come back, but at least we have two good guys behind Sullivan at center able to do the job well.

Special teams. How about a game ball for them? The Vikings exploited the Cowboys' weakness on kickoff coverage today as Percy Harvin had another spectacular return for a touchdown. The other units also played well. Kluwe mostly punted well. One time he and Greg Lewis pinned the Cowboys deep. Longwell made a 4th-quarter field goal. Camarillo returns punts well.

EJ Henderson. Two INTs. Something like 10 tackles. Great game. He has progressed beyond the level he was playing at to start the season. It was great to see EJ Henderson playing like himself today.

The Purple Cobra. Our defense is dangerous. It is coiled and ready to strike. One moment, the opposing offense will be cruising along. The next moment, it's all over for them. That's our defense, the Purple Cobra.

Antoine Winfield. He is amazing to me.

Cedric Griffin. Boy, we all are still just stunned and overwhelmed about Cedric Griffin. That said, it happened. The question is what happens next. I feel like he's coming back for sure next year. I just know that Griff can come back again and play again, and add on many more productive years to his career in a Vikings uniform. Go, Cedric Griffin!

Asher Allen. He reminds me of Cedric Griffin when he was younger. He has a learning curve, and then he'll be great. I hope he catches more balls thrown to him in practice to improve his hands. He can also improve as a tackler. He's going to be a great cornerback.

Lito Sheppardt. The wiley veteran is trying hard. He did get burned for three touchdowns. On the last one, he did get his hand on the ball. We'll see how he responds. I think Aaron Rodgers will throw against him all game next Sunday. Batten down the hatches.

Defensive Line. Playing a little better. It was great to see Brian Robison bounce back after last week.

Penalties. The Vikings did great in not getting penalties against the Cowboys. They stayed focused, and didn't let the Cowboys and their lack of focus affect what the Vikings were doing on the field. Good job, team!

Adrian Peterson. Adrian, please be patient with the football after you get the handoff. Look at what Ryan Tourain is doing with the Skins. He is a good running back, but he has a lot more patience than you are showing these days. Adrian, please believe in our offensive line. Let them develop a hole. They are slow, but they will get that hole open for you. Thank you, All Day, for being you.

Receivers. Everything is coming together. Berrian can contribute a lot more when he is paired with Moss on the field, so Berrian won't be double-teamed constantly. Harvin is doing well, too. Some of our plays need to change so that Randy Moss gets the ball more. The Kleinsasser screen pass play has once again proved to be awesome. Is "quarterback fakes dropping shotgun snap, then throws the screen pass to Kleinsasser" in our regular playbook yet?

Road wins. Since 2009, the Vikings have road wins against the Packers, Lions, Rams, and Browns. Other than the Packers, that's not very impressive. Well, now it's Packer week, so there is an opportunity to get a road win. Obviously, this game will be important to the Vikings and our hopes for this year.

Go Vikings!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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