Now The Media Is Getting it On Coaching

After all the hoopla on if and when Brett is coming and going,  they have finally figured out what is going on. Bad Coaching!

Mikw and Mike put out a fan quote from a Vikes fan "lots of talant, pathetic leadership",I have said it B4 that the Vikings need a guy who will go in that locker room and throw down the gauntlet-Moss finally did. Favre was quoted as saying "A coaxh can say it over and over. It tends to go in one ear and out the other," One NFL live analist said Childress allowed this

 Well sorry Brett. Maybe you are too big of primadona to listen, most guys will respond to leadership. When you started changing call at the line last year the guys followed and produced you proved there was no confidence in the head coach. It wasn't our coach who won the game and once again, it was a tale of two different halfs. Terrible!

When a coach has lost control because he kissed asses like BF's. He lost all credibility. If I owned the team, Chilly would be gone. Could you imagine a guy like Shanahan leading the talent of this team? I am quite sure the attitude and play calling would cater to a game plan that was actually well thought out in preparation for the opponent we are facing. Chilly does the same thing with every team. It will take him to seasons half way point to figure you can't win the Super Bowl by handing of to AD for an entire half in a single set backfield which make matters even more predictable.

If the players wanted to chase Brett to Miss, so be it. But Chilly never set down the law. As a coach I wouldn't have welcomed him back with  a Captains patch. As a leader he should be setting the example. Even if he doesn't like camp, bring the family to Minnesota, see the mall, do some fishing, watever, but show up for some afternoon sessions, tell the guys you are healing but I want to be here to encouage you and test the arm with my recivers, not at a high school

Chilly has no controll, no imagination and by such  statements by Favre, he obviously doesn't have the ears and minds of his players.

Gophers fired Brewster (I think we should have kept a better recruiting coach in Mason) Off track-but... I would ask and pay Dungy a crapload of % to take over, even if for the rest of the season and then turn it over to Frazier. Let Frazier view the Dungy style and take his skills and follow up with it. But we may not even need that. I think Frazier would get the teams attention on both sides of the ball, He keeps a D motivated that is on the field way too long because of Chilly's bread and butter calls. Whatever the situation we better get someone who WILL have the ears and thus the notivation to be the teamthey really are. This team should be rolloing over opponents. But we can't seem to figure out that we have other weapons to use until the 2nd half

Good job Coach Moss. We were getting our butts kicked and this is one game I don't think we really would have won except for the fact that Dallas is undisciplined/over-rated and we finally had a player who had the guts to call the team out.

Fire Childress! Our talant may get us to the playoffs but Chillys ego and lack of imagination will kill us. Our only hope is if Favre just says "the heck with this crap" I know how to call a game better than this guy.Rotten shame. but that is the monster that Chilly created.This team should be over any errors and rough edges by now. They seem like they are still coming out of camp. Last year we were getting on a roll.

Someone better demand perfection. Much like Lou Holz would do. I won't get it but I will expect and practice for perfection. Does anyone actually coach the O-line?,




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