Should the NFL revise the Replay Rule?

I've always had a big problem with the way the replay rule was written by the NFL. After the Green Bay game, my feeling about it became even stronger.

First of all, we know now that Shiancoe should have had a TD. We also know now that Quarless dropped the ball as he fell out of bounds, and if challenged should have not been a TD. Now, Vikings fans are livid and think those calls cost us the game. Perhaps they did, amongst other things, but consider another play:

At the end of the game, it looked like Percy Harvin caught a TD pass, but a booth review was called and the TD was overturned. It was the correct call, Harvin's foot clearly was out of bounds. 

But consider that since the Harvin catch was within 2 minutes a booth review was mandated. By contrast, when Quarless dropped a pass, the Packers could line up quickly before our coach could throw the red flag. Granted, he should have challenged it, and he obviously screwed up in a way that maybe cost us the game. But no mandated booth review because of when it happened.

My problem: When a play happens within 2 minutes of the end of the half or game, it is treated differently by the reply rule than at any other time in the game.

The fact that the Harvin play got an automatic booth review, and the Quarless play did not, is in my opinion unfair. Both plays were equally important to the outcome of the game. But the rules treated the Quarless play differently from the Harvin play.

In short, the replay rule should NOT be different in the final two minutes of the half or game. Whatever the rule is, it should apply evenly throughout the game. Either the coach can challenge by throwing his flag, provided he has timeouts and challenges remaining, or booth reviews are done on all close plays like in NCAA football.

Thoughts? Anyone agree/disagree?



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