Poll Updated - How to Kick a Man When he is Down!

So this is how it went:

Chilly begs Favre to come be a Viking. Favre comes to the purple country. We don't know what to think of it. He finds Greg Lewis. We accept him and we know we are in for something good. He carries us to win after win...all the way to NFCCG (Don't argue, we rode his shoulders to the game). In Superdome we lost to the Aints - Some blame Favre's interception, some blame counting abilities of our coach (12 man penalty). I am in the second group of people who know that we were going to run the ball a few yards more and then kick it but 5 yards and pass and...a lot of alcohol later, let's just say water under the bridge.

Favre went to his surgeon. Somewhere during this time, Chilly gets his contract extension because Zygi is really happy with him. Zygi knows what is going to happen without Favre so he flies the cavalry to Mississippi. Childress doesn't show much emotion either way. Favre comes back to play with his team of friends. But...he is banged up, Percy is lost in grieving and migraines and Rice says I will see you in 12 weeks. Berrian drops all the catches, Cammy is not trusted to learn the play book and V-Shank becomes our best receiver. During all of this going on cortisone injections, Favre lobbies for and gets a certain Mr. Freak to join purple. Suddenly Percy finds his speed, Camy gets a TD, even Berrian catches one catch and AD as usual is running wild over every opponent. But Favre is hurting and making amateur mistakes. We go to Lambeau and lose (Reason: Interceptions or referees or red flag getting stuck in Chilly's underpants - take your pick). Chilly throws Favre under the bus and blames him for everything - conveniently deflecting attention from coaching 101 - the red flag is not to wipe your behind with, throw the dang thing and challenge! Favre maintains some class and doesn't say anything (so far). Monday presser: Chilly again throws Favre under the bus and practically is giddy as a school girl at the possibility of T-Jack starting in F'brough. 

With Randy Moss, Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe and AD available as weapons, if T-Jack doesn't win, I don't know if he ever will. But chances are good that he will and then Chilly can rub our collective noses in it - I told you so.

Now here are a few questions:

1. Does Chilly get his contract extension without last season? Maybe / Maybe not.

2. Do we reach NFCCG with T-Jack? Lol !

3. Does Randy Moss come to play in purple with T-jack at helm? Hell no. That would have been a sure-fire way of making himself irrelevant and Randy Freaking Moss doesn't do irrelevant.


As long as Chilly is coach, we are never going to win SB. 30 seconds/ 2 time outs/ Moss running deep with Gunslinger throwing to him but you want to sit on 3 point lead when the Packs are going to get the ball in 2nd half? Shows a huge lack of testicular fortitude. You don't win Ch'ships by hiding in a box. Moreover, 12 man penalty again! WTF is wrong with this guy's counting?

Coming back to Favre: Now that Favre is down, Chilly keeps taking shots at him. What does it tell you about Chilly? What a douche bag with no character at all. You kick a man when public opinion is against him and he is beat up. Did he lose on purpose? Does he not know how he played in Lambeau? I hope he takes a ton of injections if he has to and comes out swinging and makes you eat your own moustache in Foxborough.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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