Favre in "considerable discomfort"; Vikings consulting Dr Andrews

Gonna put this one in a distinct thread to avoid it getting buried in the "TJack sucks!"  /  "No he doesn't" / "You hate Favre!" crap going on in the main related threads.

It sounds like both Favre & the team are doing exactly what they should be doing here.  Andrews is probably the best one to bring in, both for his talent & his knowledge of the patient's history.  And it sounds like the Vikings are thinking exactly the same thing that I started advocating here on Monday and then elaborated my thinking completely on Tuesday morning, that he should sit the Cards game as well, if he has to sit.  And it sounds like Favre is still committed to the team if he does sit, he is not thinking of an in-season retirement at all.  Suck on that, bashers who say Favre is selfish and Childress has no balls.  He may have more balls than your current coach, if you are a Pack fan.

Brett Favre is in considerable discomfort after he re-injured his surgically repaired left ankle, a source with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday, and the Minnesota Vikings quarterback has consulted with Dr. James Andrews, who performed the offseason operation, for further information.

Favre, whom Vikings coach Brad Childress said Monday doesn't need another surgery, is trying to keep the swelling down, so he's staying off the ankle as much as possible, the source said. Favre hasn't ruled out playing in Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.

Childress said Monday that Favre wore a walking boot around the Vikings' practice facility to make himself more comfortable. The coach said Tuesday that Favre was "still hobbling around pretty good."

"Obviously, he's going to do everything in his power, yesterday, today, tomorrow, to see what he can do, but right now, I'm not overly optimistic," Childress said on Sirius NFL Radio, according to The Star Tribune. "Although if there's anybody that seems like they can make it to the dance, it would be him."

If Favre misses the game, he also could sit out the Nov. 7 home game against the Arizona Cardinals just to be safe, according to the source. He isn't concerned about his consecutive-starts streak, which sits at an NFL-record 291 games, but he's determined to do whatever he can to help the Vikings win and make the best of the situation. An in-season retirement isn't on Favre's mind, the source said.

A league source told senior writer Steve Wyche that Favre's status for Sunday's game could be decided by Childress and the team's medical staff.

"He's got great pain threshold and also great competitive zeal," Childress said Monday after first revealing that Favre had a stress fracture in the ankle and an "avulsion" fracture in the heel bone. An avulsion fracture occurs when a fragment of bone is torn away by a tendon or ligament.

If Favre can't play, the Vikings will start backup Tarvaris Jackson, although they won't change their offense for the more-mobile quarterback, Wyche's source said. Jackson, a one-time Vikings starter, took the majority of snaps during offseason workouts and training camp while Favre recovered from his ankle surgery in Mississippi. Jackson also has taken increased reps during the past few weeks because Favre has suffered from tendinitis in his throwing elbow....


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