To Be(rnard) or Not To Be(rrian) - That is the Question.

BB has been a constant topic of discussion in these circles. His lack of production so far is as undeniable as the promise that one day he will be a star receiver. The passion of his fans (such as Mr. Bjorno) in his defense has been unflinching. We all have participated in the debate of BB vs Baskett. Fans of BB have presented several arguments in his defense.

One of the problems I (and many) have with BB is that he has not produced proportionately to the amount he is being paid. Apparently Vikings cannot save any money even if BB is fired (too dramatic, too soon?). However, his fans have argued that he was injured, Favre is not playing as well as he does, Sidney is not here so he is under pressure and...he is a fast runner but not a good fighter for ball (or something to that effect). Well here is my question: He was hired to catch the ball and I was not hired in his place because he is supposed to be able to catch the ball and I am not. Now that he is not catching the ball and I am not catching the ball, why is he getting 40 mils and I am not? If he is playing as good as I would and I am a guy who has never been in a real match situation at any level, why not pack your bags and go home? That been said, I (and many) do not hate BB and we do not like Baskett so please think of us as being biased against BB. But the point is if Baskett is as productive as BB (drops all the catches), costs us much less (probably paying us for letting him play) and turns Kendra to purple (still waiting Mrs. Baskett), maybe it is time for BB to step up or shut up.

As for his fans:

Dear Good Sirs,

A wise man once said - "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on........shame on you. Fool me.....You can't get fooled again."

Well the bottomline is: If it looks like shit, and it smells like shit, lets call it shit....figuratively speaking.

Sincerely Yours



Now tell me who should I root for tomorrow? Who should win and who should lose for us to be in  a better position to make it to playoffs? I guess we can agree to wish that Lions beat Packers and Bears lose to Eli? What else have yuou got? It is too complicated for me so please help out a brother.

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