Tips for beating "Da Bears"

  Not being a particularly adept game analyst really ticks me off! I'd love to respond to many of your game comments, but don't that often for fear of sounding stupid (being stupid and sounding stupid are often intertwined).So I usually have to go with the light wit. But there are SEVERAL of you out there who do analyze the games quite well, some to the extent of mind boggling proportions. That's one of the main reasons I come here. To learn more about the game. Sure there are many varying opinions, but that's what makes it fun. Anyway some key points...

  1. Stop Julius Peppers. Peppers was a one man wrecking crew as a member of the Carolina Panthers in last years 26-7 beat down. He's fearsome, and will need to be double and sometimes triple teamed. And you can't really forget about Israel Idonije, who leads the Bears by far with five sacks.
  2. Neutralize Jay Cutler. And by Neutralize I mean knock him on his ass a lot. Ol' "concussion" Cutler seems like he's pouting all the time anyway, and when he pouts, he likes to throw the ball out of bounds or over the receivers heads a lot. Plus this Billy Kilmer wannabe pulls his helmet down so far I don't see how he can even see out of it!  
  3. Jay_cutler_medium

    via  -  According to the internet this is Jay Cutler without his uniform apparently. After we sack him, immediately help him up, dust him off, apologize profusely, then sack him again next play. (whoops, wrong Jay Cutler!)

    Adrian, Adrian, Adrian. And a few screens would be good I think. Maybe a bomb attempt to Banana Feet if Sydney is not ready yet.
  4. Score some points in the first half. Like over 10 at least. "No Duh" you might say, but this only getting serious in the fourth quarter stuff needs to end. One of these days "Because That Is What He Does" Longwell is gonna break our hearts and we shouldn't have to ask him to score the game winner every week
  5. There's a lot of other important items that will help - limit turnovers, dominate time of possession, etc. You could go on and on. In regards to Childress, at least he isn't named Lovie  - (have you seen the playbook Lovie? I'm sorry but I can't find it Thurston)    -  and in regards to Bran Favrenton and Jethrophet, two of our resident nit wits, abba is a take on my last name and not the band!:)       
Any way enjoy the game because once again, we need this one bad!


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