Well, That Didn't Take Long...

Enjoy this guy, Titans...

I wrote this article about Mr. Moss back in 2005, and it still rings true to this day:

The Successful Cancer Treatment of the Minnesota Vikings


          For seven years, the Minnesota Vikings have been suffering from cancer.  The prognosis each year:  Wait until next year to see if it heals itself.  Last season, the cancer finally spread to the point where it needed to be removed.

          This cancer arrived in 1998, when Randy Moss was drafted out of Marshall, his third college after denying Notre Dame’s scholarship and getting kicked out of Florida State for smoking marijuana while on probation.  However, Dennis Green had a long history of turning around troubled players (i.e. Chris Carter) and gave Moss his first start a few weeks into the ’98 season.  Moss did not disappoint, torching the Green Bay Packers for two touchdowns and 190 yards, breaking the Packers’ Lambeau Field winning streak at 29.  On Thanksgiving Day against the Dallas Cowboys Moss did much of the same, catching three TD’s for 163 yards.  The Vikings cruised to a 15-1 regular season but were stunned by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game.  In the biggest game of Moss’s career to that point, he caught one TD but only 5 other passes for 41 yards.

          Though 1999 got off to a rocky start for the Vikings (the QB reigns being shifted from Randall Cunningham to Jeff George) it was the same old magic for Randy Moss.  He looked like the man who would finally take the Vikings to the Promised Land (aka Super Bowl) and no signs of trouble were brewing…until November, when he was fined for verbal abuse of an official.  The cancer was there, it just wasn’t noticeable yet.  The 1999 Vikings again made the playoffs and suffered another terrible loss, this time to the St. Louis Rams.  A tremendous 188 yard, 2 TD effort by Moss was overshadowed when, once the game was all but officially over, he decided that an official was thirsty and needed a drink of water.  It was a pretty expensive drink ($25,000).  The cancer was starting to cause a little bit of discomfort in its general area, but nothing to really worry about yet…

          The year 2000 was another very productive year for Randy Moss, now paired with Daunte Culpepper.  By October the Vikings were again destined for the playoffs, and Moss decided to explain that to an official in a little bit too close of company, another $30,000 fine.  The cancer was once again discomforting, but the Vikes were winning, so why worry?  Before that year’s NFC Championship game, Moss (being the good friend he is) tried to sneak a few of his buddies past security.  They are lucky he did not succeed.  The Vikings lost 41-0 to the New York Giants (Moss’s line: 2 catches for 18 yards), prompting Moss to say after the game that “It’s going to be hard for us to win a Super Bowl in Minnesota”.  The cancer was now beginning to be noticeable, but all fans felt the same way Moss did, and next year was another chance…

          To start out the 2001 season, Moss was awarded an 8-year, $75 million contract.  How did he repay this generosity?  He elected to play only when he wanted too, and abuse a few corporate sponsors on the team bus after one loss.  He also decided that he didn’t want to be coached anymore, so Dennis Green and Chris Carter were shipped out and Mike Tice was brought in.  Tice promised Moss the “Randy Ratio”, where 40% of the team’s passes would go his way.  The Vikings had become (whether the fans liked it or not) Randy Moss’s team.  The cancer was now quite painful, but everything humanly possible was being done to soothe its effects.

          In 2002 the “Randy Ratio” failed miserably (as defenses weren’t quite as dumb as Tice thought they would be), making Moss unhappy.  In order to relieve his stress, Moss decided that stopping at a red light was only a suggestion, especially when a traffic cop was on the hood of his car.  He was placed in anger-management classes, which really seemed to help him quite a bit.  In fact, he said he hadn’t needed them in the first place and they didn’t do anything for him.  His character must have been too high.  That year did not yield a playoff berth, nor did 2003, when the Vikings were knocked out in the final game of the season by the Arizona Cardinals.  Moss’s Line: 5 catches, 1 TD, and a whole lot of pouting.  The team’s cancer was now quite painful, but the lessons learned during those two seasons would surely make Moss a new man in 2004…

          It seemed that way, until his constant ankle problems (stemming from trying to make the NBA in previous off-seasons and not giving it the rest it needed) and hamstring injury kept him out of the second half of the season, in which the Vikings dropped from 5-1 to 8-8.  The regular season finale (a loss in Washington) was so ugly that he decided not to stick around to watch the end.  The cancer was now directly affecting others on the team.  But the Vikings had made the playoffs, so all was healed…until the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.  Though it was a chilly day in Lambeau Field, Moss decided he was a little too warm and wanted to strip down a little bit; or least try too.  His hind-quarters overshadowed the rest of the Vikings’ playoff run.  The cancer was now so painful that something had to be done…

          On February 23rd, 2005, the Vikings reached a deal with the Oakland Raiders to send them Randy Moss in exchange for a linebacker and two draft picks.  The cancer was finally removed.  Recovery time: One off-season.  Projected Result: Success.

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