Kinda like an ex...

Ok so Childress is fired and my ability to use the word leprechaun on sports related sites has plummeted to an all time low.  There is a lot of celebrating to be sure and some hearty pats on the back and some wavering but strong support for the new captain.  However, we do have a problem.

Anyone here ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend(that's for you Glover) and you think wow this chick SUCKS!  She doesn't make my egg salad the way my Mom did, she leaves weird hair balls in the bath tub and honestly she/he has gained about 20 pounds since we met.  Yeah you wonder about greener pastures.. Models, movie stars the girl at the drive through with the three teeth missing... Halcyon days.  Finally the day comes she does something so reprehinsible that you have to leave, kick her out or mail her back to Russia.

Now here comes the kicker.  You start realizing, wow all girls are sort of messed up in the head.  No one makes egg salad like Mom, hell most don't even cook!  You had to show that cute brunette what a washing machine was and you still aren't sure where that blonde went when you asked her to clean your toilet.

I'm sure many of you are wondering where this is going.  Wait it'll be worth it.

So you now realize with fond rememberances that your old girlfriend was at least kinda good looking, only drooled on Sundays and was really your dream girl.

Well I would just like to tell you that is not how you are going to feel about Childress.  Nope!  Two years from now when we are on our fourth coach we'll fondly look back on Childress as the same bumbling idiot we think of him now.  If you don't or you start slipping into nostalgia think on these things.

He had no soul

He was a leprechaun

He asked his players to win the game for him.  Putting them into simple schemes so that they had to over power their opponents.

He couldn't coach water into a bowl.

He was unable to modify his game plan

When failure happened he stated that the players should play harder and it was up to them to win obviously this coaching thing others did was just a placebo.

Had the disdain of many players in the locker room.

Had a history of not taking advice from very knowledgable veterans.

Wasted about 140 million of Wilfs money

Could well be the reason we don't get a new stadium.

Ruined my memories of Moss.

Finally can't make egg salad sammiches even as good as my last girl friend.

So all of you worrying about what's next realize this.  A half dead ex hooker with braces, leprosy and three nipples is better than this ex.


Anyone else have any ex stories they'd like to share that might be worse than this break up?

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