Your Monthly Update On The Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League

It's getting down to crunch time in the 2010 installment of the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League, and the races are still pretty tight as we determine playoff spots and who has the inside track on winning the whole ball of wax.

There are only two weeks left in the regular season. . .the playoffs in our league are a two-week affair that will take place during Weeks 15 and 16. With that, here are the current standings in the league going into the final two weeks.

Division 1
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Dead Parrots Society 7 5 0 0.583 0 W1 3-1-0 1 1457.2 97.1 1393.8
VikingsRule 6 6 0 0.500 1 W1 2-2-0 2 1440.5 113.8 1525.8
8 Bit Bowling 5 7 0 0.417 2 L1 2-2-0 3 1554.3 0.0 1480.2
Moss's Mooners 3 9 0 0.250 4 L3 1-3-0 1 1380.5 173.8 1430.8
Division 2
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Preying Amish 9 3 0 0.750 0 W2 3-1-0 0 1517.2 37.1 1320.8
AP's 14 LB Balls 8 4 0 0.667 1 W2 3-1-0 0 1486.0 68.3 1368.6
Maulers of America 6 6 0 0.500 3 L2 2-2-0 0 1450.3 104.0 1361.0
REVENGE4FAVRE 2 10 0 0.167 7 L3 0-4-0 1 1155.2 399.1 1412.2
Division 3
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Purple Jesus Drank® 8 4 0 0.667 0 W3 3-1-0 1 1519.5 34.8 1469.1
It's Destiny 7 5 0 0.583 1 W3 2-2-0 2 1412.2 142.2 1467.7
Metropolitan Upperdeckers 6 6 0 0.500 2 L2 2-2-0 1 1267.4 287.0 1410.6
Shank's Redemption 5 7 0 0.417 3 L1 1-3-0 0 1458.5 95.8 1458.5

The way our league is set up is there will be three "tiers" of playoffs. The top four teams, determined before the season as consisting of the three division champions and the best non-division champion, will go into the top tier of the playoffs. . .essentially the "Winner's Bracket." Teams ranked fifth through eighth will go into the middle bracket, and teams nine through twelve will go into the lower bracket.

So, with that having been said. . .if the playoffs started this Sunday, here is what the brackets would look like:

Top Bracket

1) Preying Amish (Division 2 Champ) vs. 4) AP's 14 LB Balls (Wild Card)
2) Purple Jesus Drank (Division 3 Champ) vs. 3) Dead Parrots Society (Division 1 Champ)

Middle Bracket

5) It's Destiny vs. 8) VikingsRule*
6) Metropolitan Upperdeckers* vs. 7) Maulers of America*

Bottom Bracket

9) Shank's Redemption^ vs. 12) REVENGE4FAVRE
10) 8-Bit Bowling^ vs. 11) Moss's Mooners

The Top Bracket is self-explanatory. . .let me break down the seedings for the other two brackets.

In the Middle Bracket, It's Destiny has the best record of the teams that didn't make it into the top bracket. The other three teams in that bracket are all 6-6. The tie-breaker that was used in this case was head-to-head record. The Metropolitan Upperdeckers have defeated both the Maulers of America and VikingsRule during the regular season, so they got the next highest seed. Of the two remaining teams, the Maulers won their head-to-head match-up against VikingsRule, so they got the number 7 spot and VikingsRule ends up with the 8 seed.

In the bottom bracket, the 11 and 12 seeds are based entirely on record. Head-to-head was again used to determine the other seedings, and Shank's Redemption defeated 8-Bit Bowling in their regular season match-up, so the Redemption get the higher seed.

Of course, in two weeks, this could all end up being completely and totally meaningless. The separation between first and third place in both Division 1 and Division 3 is only two games, and with the way Division 2 looks right now, it looks like only one team from each of those two divisions is going to find their way into the Top Bracket.

Here are the match-ups as we head into the crucial Week 13. All of these are inter-division match-ups, which is nice.

Moss's Mooners (3-9) vs. Dead Parrots Society (7-5)
REVENGE4FAVRE (2-10) vs. AP's 14 LB Balls (8-4)
Metropolitan Upperdeckers (6-6) vs. Shank's Redemption (5-7)
VikingsRule (6-6) vs. 8-Bit Bowling (5-7)
Purple Jesus Drank (8-4) vs. It's Destiny (7-5)
Preying Amish (9-3) vs. Maulers of America (6-6)

Best of luck to everyone from here on out. . .and the most luck of all to the Dead Parrots Society. (Yeah, that's my team. Yeah, I want to win. Is that so wrong?)

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