I will be signing off and wish to say thanks

Not really off. I will read DN as always. Maybe a blurb of support for a comment and updates to the ones who commit to the traing camp trip.

A couple weeks back I found I was getting flustered by some new posters who did not recognize "our rules of engagement". Rather than play it cool I was drawn into it. Instead of staying calm and polite, I just lost it a couple times. Long timers know that is not me!

I came on here 3 years ago after surviving a near death accident. It was a situation that my odds of living wee low and the odds of me walking were lower. Family was warned of possible severe brain damage. Well, I just don't want to get into even having to defend myself. It is degrading and I'm sure tiring to the friends who know the story.

Lately I notice the effects when I am up late. I can't sleep and read DN. Well, I am in pain, tired and get on my meds regiment. I don't have my readers and too sore to get up and find. My vision gets blurry and I can't even read the errors I make. It is no ones fault but, it just kind of hurts inside when someone picks it up and I feel stupid cause I tried to write something and failed to put it all together. I certainly understand cause I look at some of the stuff and say to myself "what an idiot!"

When you miss teaching and coaching so much and never know if you will again, You wonder if you will be able to sustain the success I have had in recovery long enough to have the strenth to do some of the things I can do now and enjoy this forced retirement, I guess the little things start to play on you, So I am sorry for getting so upset recently (and on small occasions) and very sorry for not making things clear or rambling in hopes of gathering a thought which leads ro my dumb writing and spelling errors. I used to pride myself on my writing. Man, I could write a heck of a term paper ! :-)

I remember 1st coming on and the support I had from really cool folks. You have no idea how much it made my day after being in a hospital for 5 months with no Vikings info. Guys like Manimal and Frost would joke with me. Remind me of things that my mind had lost and go back and forth on Vikings topics. Lately folks like Rebelgray, Cali, Abba and Velvet have become those who make my day. I forgot a few others like PPE. isee, Serker and many others who joined in my fantasy leagues. Way too many to list. Forgive me if I left you out. Kinda hard to do this and think of everyone.

I am not making this statement to blame anyone for anything. When it get's to the point you feel you have to defend your errors then it sounds like whining. That is not my way at all. I am thankful for all God has done for me and the blessing of talking Vikings with many of you. But, it just hurts to feel like you have to explain yourself and really beneath me to even do this. It is not a cry for sympathy nor anywhere close. It is just kind of humiliating to realize that I am writing in front of people who don't get it. How are they to know? So I would rather just quiet down but not do so in a way that people think I am upset with DailyNorseman or the people who are on here.

Editors. Thanks for a great site. Thanks to all of you who have become like real friends. I will continue to e-mail the many of you I have been writing and playing fantasy with for so long. To my friends I have phone contact with. You guys are the best! and will always be friends for life. Not because we love the Vikings but because you are wonderful people.

This is very hard for me and want each of you to know how much fun I have here. I will read and maybe call out a troller now and then or give a big plus. You can bet I will break out of this when we get back to the playoffs. Would be way to hard to shut up then. :-)

May each of you be blessed this Season of Joy. May you all stay pure purple til the very end thru thick and thin

Farewell for a while. If some of these issues clear up and I can write with more dignity I will.

Skol Vikings. We will be back!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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