Which NFL QB would you like to see wearing Viking purple in 2011?

Although the Vikes may have a top ten draft pick in the offseason, it will not necessarily be high enough to draft a franchise QB.  Assuming that nobody falls to them and no teams are offering a trade up, which of these QBs would you like to see in Minnesota in 2011?  Unlike a draftee, these guys could start in 2011.

(Drumroll please...the list of QBs and a poll after the jump)

One if by trade:

Vince Young: The only guy to lose his starting job for throwing the top half of his uni into the stands could be our guy for considerably less than a first round draft choice or a package of picks.  In terms of on-field performance, the proverbial light in VY's head(case) seems to have turned on, and that could benefit the Vikings; however, he costs more than the other options and comes with some degree of risk.

Two if by age:

Chad Pennington:  The fact that this guy gets injured every other year is insurance that whoever he tutors (and he has reportedly been a good mentor in previous stops) will get to see the field soon.

Kyle Orton: When Josh McDaniels traded Cutler for draft picks and Orton, I thought that he should be fired then; however, Orton blossomed in Denver while Cutler stumbled in Chicago, and McDaniels was fired anyway.  If the Broncos decide to go with Tebow, Orton could be available.

Unsexy utilitarians:

Troy Smith: This guy's NFL story is exactly what the Vikings should be looking for.  Smith was a highly rated QB in college until he had a poor bowl game and dropped out of the first round.  Even if Troy Smith is benched in QB-needy San Francisco, it would only prove that the Niners organization can't spot a good QB, even when one is on their roster.  The Vikings should take a very close look at him in my humble opinion.

Trent Edwards: I am confident that he would be better than Gus Frerotte and several other Chilly-era QBs and may possibly worth being The Guy if he can replicate or improve upon his 2008.


Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick: Vick is probably staying in PHI and WAS will probably be willing to write a check big enough to make McNabb stay put if Shanahan wants him there, but there is a small chance that at least one of these guys could hit the FA market.

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