what to do now?

okay, so we officially suck ass. agreed? great. now what do we do?

dr. kevorkian to the rescue....wait a minute, let's give it one more try before going to extremes.

well right now, the vikings are sooooo lost, that they have about as much credibility as
miss teen south carolina circa 2007. this still makes me laugh :


but hey, she made up for it in the swimsuit competition.... 4fowcioy_medium

i suddenly feel the need arise for a thorough and in-depth top-to-bottom analysis.

this would be an evaluation of the whole organization. this would include the front office, coaching staff, players and yes, even the caterers. and i think we should be willing to entertain and make dramatic changes, as long as they are associated with a clear plan and a MAP showing how to get there. i don't want a quick fix. i want a plan to get the team stablized. and then in a position to make a jump in improvement. and then a philosophy of how to continually re-make the team so we can maintain success over the ebb and flow of several seasons.

the picture in my mind is new england. when they have an off year, it's 8-8 at the worst, and it is considered a re-building year. this team has oscilated between mediocre to pretty good to bad to surprisingly good to sucking ass. that does not show much consistency and does not demonstrate a tradition of success.

i want a winner. what's it gonna take to get there?

so zygi, please start reading the norseman and heeding our collective advice. i would love to see a respected football mind come in and be the head of football operations to help you, zygi, set a tone and get the right people. and more importantly, the right COMBINATION of people in here running the day-to-day operations.

zygi, mimmick success, mimmick new england.

imo, the number of problems we currently have are many and the sum of those problems is large. i think there are several facets of the team and organization that need fixing, re-tooling, bolstering and/or developing. this fanpost is just my feeble attempt at laying out some suggested course of action and a forum to spit out some ideas about how to possibly make changes that would build the team up for the long haul. this comes from a fan whose opinions are meaningless in the big picture, but this IS sort of therapeutic, ya know.

so, i'll spew out some ideas, and then you guys can join in the spirit of brain storming. i dare everyone to try on someone else's ideas for size, before getting critical of them. and offer up your own realistic thoughts of what should/could/would happen to make this team of purple tel-a-tubbys more like big-bad-barneys hopped up on purple-dino-vitamins.


jethro's random brainstorming ideas:

i could see getting a respected football guru in here to start things off and advise zygi and mark wilf on what they should do. i don't think zygi is a real football guy, but i think he would listen to a trusted director of football operations type of guy who can construct the big picture. you know, a real general manager type.

but, who could that guy be? i dunno...names like jimmy johnson, tony dungy, bill cowher and tony flippin robbins come to mind. what do you think?

i could see that guy setting a tone for the personnel guys and the head coach to follow and emulate. his role would be to set the tone and get the right combination of people with the right chemistry. a guy to set the course.

i could see keeping speilman, brzeziniski and studwell for some continuity, but getting a head coach in here that doesn't try to control their moves and who is a great facilitator and motivator, as opposed to a top-down controller or dictator type. i could see targeting a guy with sound head coaching experience, either at the college pro level.

i don't have much insight as to specific people, but would love to hear some ideas. the guys that come to my mind are cowher, cuz he ended up a winner and he is still young enough. also i always liked jack del rio and ken wisenhunt, i don't know if we can get them away from their current gigs, but i like that they each have put in time as head coach. maybe they are not big time winners, but that doesn't mean they can't be.

i am just leary of giving the job to a lifetime position coach or coordinator. i want a guy with current nfl head coach experience to take on this team with the goal of building a super bowl team in 3 years. and then to be able to sustain success over the long haul. so i think the experience is important.

i could see jettisoning several of the position coaches. namely the o- line coach, the d-backs coach, the offensive coordinator, and the defensive coordinator. i think it would be good to keep some assitant coaches on to maintain some carry over and continuity. i'll bet they would be very valuable in helping the new coaches get familiar with the players we keep and smooth it over for the players as well.

i think that we need to re-acquire draft picks not only for this coming draft, but also to bolster our draft position for the following year. so i think that if we trade away some players for draft picks, then we will be in a better position to target players for development in the near future.

then i would make it an unofficial policy to continually recycle players on the roster before the treads on their tires are shot, and acquire draft picks in compensation. this way we can go into each draft with extra picks and be in a good position to trade up if there is someone that is specifically targeted. just look at what the pats do. they are sitting pretty for next seasons draft, and they could be super bowl bound this year.

i could see immediately prioritizing the qb and o-line positions and acquiring players or draft picks to be able to get players or prospects for those units. and as important is getting gurus in at o-line coach and qb coach to aid in the development of the players at those positions.

i could see ditching the zone blocking system and going man to better utilize the guys we currently have, and then targeting o-line guys who would fit the man scheme and be long term upgrades to the mcpanzy brigade.

i don't think we can wholesale the o-line in one season. but i want to see a complete turnover after 2 seasons from the group we have now (unless somone decides they want to become good all of a sudden). i could see getting a solid left tackle to replace mckinnie. then, moving mckinnie to right tackle, and trying out loadholdt at right guard, or making him our utility back-up o-lineman.

then find a replacement for sullivan right fricken now. try degeare at left guard for next year, and push his development super hard this offseason along with loadholdt. trade hutchinson for picks, cuz i think he still has perceived value.

i could see targeting qb's who are mobile and elusive enough to move outside the pocket when necessary, play in a moving pocket, and be able to create in designed roll-out situations. guys that are smart and show good game speed instincts. guys with quick consistent deliveries that can throw accurate short and medium range passes more than guys who "have a cannon".

but most important is to get a solid starter and a solid guy in the wings who have similar skill sets and style of play. oh yea, santa, and guys with natural leadership skills and some "it" factor going on. (please, no more of this
hodge-podge beta-omega crew of misfits. you know,  "brooks rosenfeidler" meets "tarvaris ferrottenfels").

i could see targeting the d-backs next with the emphasis on losing the cover 2 and getting some ball hawks and intimidating hitters in there to make it a feared unit and take pressure off of the d-line. i would love to see a big guy at strong safety, like a taylor mays. and someone here made the suggestion of moving chris cook to free safety, which seems like it could be a great complement to a big stud strong safety.

i could see staying with the 4-3 defense, cuz we have good players there now that fit that scheme. but i'd like to take pressure off of them by beefing up the secondary and being able to control the ball and clock better on offense.

how to do all of this? i think we need to at least look at whatever possible options we can think of. and then decide what we could maybe get for that option. they are only ideas, sticking sooooo firmly to what we have as a d-line at the expense of helping the bigger picture seems narrow and short sighted to me. i think it's time for some changes to be made, and that could mean creating opportunity by creatively creating change.

glasshoppa, rook at belichick. he snatch pebble from hand. he frexible, he bend rike a reed in the wind.
he masterful at using change to his advantage. now go beat up some cowboys.



here are some off-the-cuff trade ideas.

i'm not suggesting we do all of these, but i am suggesting that we need to part with something to get something that we can turn into a new solution. i am only thinking of what we have to work with, and what we could offer another team in a potential trade. oh, and if they shock and awe some dners into crapping their pants...
well, that's just a bonus.

1. trade jared allen and his big contract for...another first round pick and a starting o-lineman.

2. trade adrian peterson for similar. (i know, i reallly hate this idea, but i'm being "open").

3. franchise sydney rice and use him as a trading card for picks or a player.

4a. trade mckinnie for an up and coming ball boy and box of bubble gum.

4b. keep mckinnie as a right tackle in a man system and get a real left tackle.

4c. then keep loadholdt as the back-up utility lineman or try him out at right guard.

5. trade toby gerhardt for a d-back prospect of similar potential and value, cuz running backs are easier to find.

6. package some low round picks to move up and get a THIRD ROUND PICK, dammit.
(we can go after undrafted prospects to fill out the dorm rooms in mankato next year).

7. sign and trade ray edwards (if we keep jared) to get some value back for him.

8. trade antoine winfield this off season while he still has some value and a short contract left.
that could be an attractive short term solution for another team.

9. assume that we won't get andrew luck and that there aren't any other top notch qb prospects in the draft.
and get over it....and don't draft one of the other qb prospects thinking that we have a "qbof" (barf).

10. then sign mcnabb and re-sign t-jack as his back up and keep joe webb as the guy who will push t-jack for number 2 on the chart. this way we can use trades and draft picks to get an o-line and some d- backs. this would create a more balanced team more quickly. (this makes me cringe, but it may help us in the 2-3 year plan).

11. try to stock pile some 2012 draft choices in the process of making trades this off season. then we will be in a better position to make some moves in the near future. like targeting a hot commodity qb prospect.


so what ideas do you people have? i'm interested to hear them. preferably not simple one liners, but something that is backed up with reason and ties into the bigger picture. whether it's salary cap related, expiring contracts, longevity,chemistry, style of play related...

p.s. sorry for the long fanpost, i didn't mean for it to get this wordy. chin up, we might be drafting in the top ten.

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