An Early Look at FA Quarterbacks

We've been talking about the draft QBs that the Vikings can look at, but there's also the Free Agency market. Last year our hands were tied in FA, but this year, everyone knows the Vikings are on life-support when it comes to the most critical position on the team. 

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Here's the list potentially available FA QBs for 2011, as compiled on Footballs Future in an aging article. And my thoughts on them. Anyone here that you think we should look at bringing in?

Peyton Manning, IND - Just listed for the sake of completeness, he's going nowhere :)

Tom Brady, NE - See above, he's re-signed

Brett Favre, MIN - Goodnight, Irene

Donovan McNabb, WAS - He's signed his life away and might get screwed for it. Trading for him would cost $16M, no one's going to do that for a guy who had such a bad season. The 'Skins *might* pay the penalty and just release him, it would be cheaper than hanging onto a guy who's going to end up riding pine over there. If that happens, you have to ask whether or not he's got any gas left in the tank for the Vikes. 

Matt Moore, CAR - He had a great year... last year. This year he's stumbling. I don't think he's The Guy.

Kyle Orton, DEN - Too incestuous for me. Let's stop taking our own division's cast-offs (unless they're really really really good :) ).

Matt Hasselbeck, SEA - Injury-prone aside... 35 years old. 'Nuff said.

Alex Smith, SF - I just don't know....He's rated at 79.2 which isn't horrible, but it doesn't scream "FRANCHISE QB HERE!" either....

Troy Smith, SF - 4th year guy, not enough of a game sample to be sure of who he is
Trent Edwards, BUF - 2 game starts this year and his rating is 40.3
JT O'Sullivan, CIN - He was a Viking briefly, back in 2005, but mostly his history reads like Sage Rosenfel's Viking history. Lots of pine splinters.
Seneca Wallace, CLE - I used to like this guy, but I think he's past his time
Shaun Hill, DET - He looks to be marginally competent, a solid 2nd stringer
Brodie Croyle, KC - A gamble. He might be back-up material, he might be ready to break out.
Chad Pennington, MIA - Injured, 34 years old.... he's a gamble. He'd be a good veteran mentor if he's healthy enough, though
Tyler Thigpen, MIA - One that got away. He's on the ACT but with a rating of 63, he's looking more like back-up material. 
Tarvaris Jackson, MIN - Heh. 
Jim Sorgi, NYG - He could be ready to step up... he hasn't played a regular season game since 2008, with the Colts, but prior to that he was very good looking backup to Manning. I'd like to see what he's got when he's healthy again.
Kellen Clemens, NYJ - Career backup, we don't need another T-Jack
Bruce Gradkowski, OAK - Looks like he's injured right now, but at his best, he's marginal.
Michael Vick, PHI - No way he's released. Forget it.
Dennis Dixon, PIT - He doesn't have enough of a body of work for me to say.
Billy Volek, SD - A 10 year vet, my how time flies :) . He's not very mobile. At all. Kinda statue-like, which could be a problem right now...
Kerry Collins, TEN - 37 years old. No more geriatrics please.
Chris Simms, TEN - His record shows that he's a marginal 3rd stringer. Let's not.
Rex Grossman, WAS - He seems to be coming alive for the Redskins, I don't think he's going anywhere.

Did I miss anyone? Some of these guys might be gone already, there's not a huge market of available QBs of any quality... Thoughts?


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